Will the Real Donald Trump Please Come Forward?
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Will the Real Donald Trump Please Come Forward?

Is Donald Trump the type of candidate we think he is?

Will the Real Donald Trump Please Come Forward?
From Voice of America

At the risk of stepping on some toes, this week I’m going to take a look at another presidential candidate. Of course, I’ve already done that once before but Gary Johnson has relatively few (albeit very vocal) supporters.

Political “outsider” Donald Trump, on the other hand, has quite a following. Americans are fed up with the status quo, and Donald Trump has loudly proclaimed that he is the man to fix the system. (President Obama drilled into the same emotion with his “Change We Can Believe In” slogan.) Donald Trump has run an entire campaign off of that same emotion He’s the “outsider” who can sweep in and fix the entire system.

However, if we’re honest with ourselves, we all know he’s playing the political game just like everyone else; A recent Washington Post article humorously yet accurately tagged him as the “most politician-y politician ever”. His connections with the Clintons go back years, even decades. Hillary Clinton even attended Trumps 3rd wedding back in 2005, and he donated “generously” to the Clinton Foundation & to Hillary’s first presidential campaign. (Seems to me that if Hillary Clinton is attending your wedding, you’re probably not really an “outsider”, but hey… what do I know?)

Ultimately, as I’ve dug deeper into Donald Trump’s policies & positions on a variety of issues, a disturbing trend emerges. Donald Trump is an opportunist, catering his opinions & policies to whatever is politically or financially expedient. Ultimately, this means that Dona is not who he says he is, and that should be concerning.

That’s the main point I want the drill in on. He has run an entire campaign off of a personal brand that is almost categorically untrue, or at the very least, misleading. Whether or not you agree with him on an issue today no longer remains relevant. Instead, the question becomes "Will he actually act in a manner consistent with his promises?"

When we look towards Trump’s past record, the one thing that stands out as a constant is his reliable habit of flip-flopping on the issue. We've already established that he’s not an outsider, but the list gets much longer.

Is Donald Trump even a Republican? Currently, but if we take a look back over the past 30 years, we can see that he has a categorical history of bouncing between parties (in fact, he’s changed party affiliation at least 5 times since the late ‘80s.) He’s even donated money to Democratic politicians such as Rahm Emanuel, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Joe Biden, and the aforementioned Hillary Clinton.

What about bringing jobs back to America? Again, he doesn't live up to his claims. His own products are usually manufactured overseas, in places like China, or Bangladesh.Even his Country Club in Palm Beach hires foreign nationals. (To be clear, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing - just pointing out the blatant contradictions between Trumps practice & his presidential rhetoric.)

If that's not enough, there's his proposed ban on Muslim immigration (and his ever evolving stance on that idea,) and his ongoing lawsuits with Trump University. His position on abortion is also a moving target, again, another series of flip-flops make this one hard to pin down as well. He currently claims to be pro-life, but what he’ll say next week is anyone’s guess.

All of that was merely to illustrate my point. I'm not asking you to ask yourself whether or not you agree with Mr. Trump’s policies. I’m encouraging you to ask yourself a different question.

Does Donald Trump agree with himself? Can he be trusted to do what he says he will do?

If past performance is any indicator of future success, that’s anybody’s guess.

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