5 Reasons Why You Should Love TGIT

1. the JAW DROPPING twists and turns.

these shows will keep you guessing, binging, and wanting more ALL in one.

2. It's Raining Men

okay so I'm super gay but hellloooo Mc' Steamy! (alright, he's not on the show anymore BUT the abundance of hot men is everywhere on Thursdays!)

3. Shonda Rhimes

this woman is the talented and beautiful and amazing creator of all 3 TGIT shows! Yes, you heard me right ... all THREE! Damn... I want to write just one hit!

4. These shows will teach you something

and it WONT be just how to "get away with murder". Shonda actually writes in some valuable lessons about love, lust, and real life. (oh, and I can perform multiple surgeries with my eyes closed now, andddddd get somebody off the hook for a murder charge... What you can't do that from just watching tv? pshh.)

and last but not least


hello, did you really think I would leave them out? These leading women are sexy and provocative, poised and passionate, and full of fire. They don't need their men (but enjoy them thoroughly allll throughout the shows (; )

Whats your favorite things about the TGIT lineup ??? Leave me replies in the comments!

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