Why I Will Never Be 'With Her'
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Why I Will Never Be 'With Her'

Wake up America, Hillary Clinton is a disaster.

Why I Will Never Be 'With Her'
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I'm sure from my title, I'm already getting degrading remarks. Some people who read this and know me, will think less of me.There is a chance I will be called a racist, homophobe, and other things such as those. That's fine. I know what I am and what I am not, but before you read my article, there are some things you need to understand.

Donald Trump is not my ideal candidate for President of the United States. I do not like to consider myself a republican or a democrat, however, I do have one I lean toward. But there are things in both parties I do not like. As a millennial, I am expected to go with "the way of the world," instead of my own personal values. I am expected to think the world is a terrible place, women have fewer rights than the average white man, and so much more. Think about all of the craziness we hear on the news, all of those things are getting impounded into young adults heads, we are supposed to believe everything we see and hear is true. While I'm not saying there aren't bits and pieces I agree with, I am saying people need to get off their high horse, stop having a pity party, and get real for a minute.

With that being said, let me explain why I will never be "With Her."

1. First of all, Hillary Clinton lies, A LOT. Over the years, she has changed her views on many issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and immigration, over the years. Why would you want a woman to be the president that can't make her mind up about simple views? Don't believe me? Click the link below to see a video.

2. The email situation. Do some research, look into how many emails and what the content that may have consisted of.

3. She is pro-choice. I cannot fathom the idea of anyone, especially a woman, being for abortion.



These four men. Look up, Hillary Clinton and Benghazi. She was called to aid assistance to these men, and she was nowhere to be found. Why does that matter? They are all dead now.

5. Because of what was stated above, do you really want her in charge of our military?

6. Clinton defended a child rapist. As if that isn't just bad enough on its own, she laughed about it. But she's all about women's rights... so she defends a young girl's rapist? Right. Feel free to look this one up, too. Pathetic.

7. While serving as Secretary of State, she ILLEGALLY accepted money from countries who do things she is against. Such as execute gays and lesbians, give women no rights, and protect/hide terrorists.

8. She wants to continue Obama's healthcare program.

9. She has degraded and not listened to women who have accused her husband of sexually harassing them. She has threatened them and called them degrading names. Way to fight for us women's rights, Secretary Clinton.

10. I just don't believe she will help this country. This woman has continued to lie and do others wrong, why would you want her being the face of America. I am all about a woman president, but not this one.

Please educate yourself about what this woman has done before election day. Please do not vote for her because she is a woman. And after all of the things this woman has done, you still want to vote for her.... be my guest, it is your choice, and sometimes we all make bad choices.


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