We’re Numb To The Political Horror Show

We’re Numb To The Political Horror Show

The disturbing lack of political efficacy in America.

Political efficacy is defined as “the citizens' faith and trust in government and their belief that they can understand and influence political affairs.” Essentially, do we think we can influence politics, or do we leave all these responsibilities to our leaders? Many indicators seem to point to a decline in political efficacy in our society.

How many times have you heard something along the lines of “I just can’t look at the news anymore, it makes me depressed,” or “there’s no point in paying attention to politics anymore”? And it’s easy to see why we wouldn’t pay attention, because you have to dig pretty deep into your news feed to find a story that’s not about whatever dumb thing Trump tweeted yesterday.

I’m definitely guilty of this, and I’m not alone.

I think it’s because our country as a whole has lost the sense that our engagement in politics makes any difference. Of course there are people who are still engaged, and they should be applauded. However, the vast majority of us have given into the feeling that since we can’t do anything to change how things are going, we shouldn’t do anything at all.

And it’s not all because of Trump, either. A poll released by The Atlantic in 2014, pre-Trump, revealed that while many Americans - about 65% - occasionally engage in one or two offline political activities, only 1% have sustained, consistent engagement. Most of us are simply “slacktivists” online, and often not even that.

The poll, however, discovered that 72% of Americans believe that “major social changes in this country have come from average Americans pushing government to change, rather than government taking the lead.” Furthermore, Pew research center has found that 55% of Americans have very little or no trust in the Executive Branch of our government, and 64% have little or no trust in our legislators (the judicial branch does markedly better) as of September 2017.

One would think that the attitudes that our government can’t be trusted and that ordinary citizens are the ones who have the power to make real changes would lead to more civic and political engagement. However, I think that for a long time our political system has seemed like a distant process, and recently this process has descended into a level of insanity.

It’s easy to feel like we’re just watching a bad reality show, with occasional cliffhangers where we have to wait until the next week to find out if we’re going to nuclear war. And of course there’s the season-long arc of the Russia investigation. Is there really anything we can do other than watch? I keep getting Twitter ads about a petition to impeach the president, but there’s truly nothing that a petition, or really anything that ordinary citizens are capable of short of armed revolt, that can actually force a president out of office. And there’s often not a lot we can do about other issues, especially concerning foreign affairs and world issues like climate change.

However, there are some signs that many have become more politically active. After all, ordinary citizens played a huge role in domestic issues, such as halting the repeal of Obamacare and the downfall of the Muslim ban. But how many people have been a part of this resurgence of political action? Most likely, it's not that much more than the 1% in 2014.

It’s still too early to tell, statistically and otherwise, how the election has affected political efficacy as a whole. There’s no doubt, however, that this is a turning point. We have the choice to either take control of our political system or continue to watch it devolve into a national joke, with horrifying international consequences.

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I'm An 18-Year-Old Female And I Will Never Be A Feminist

Honestly, I'd rather be caught dead than caught calling myself a modern-day feminist.

"A man told me to have a good day... I'm triggered." How ludicrous does that sound? Tune in because that is the extent of modern day feminism.

Sure, I think boys are stupid and that I'm probably better than 90% of the male population, but that doesn't make me a modern-day feminist. Now I believe that woman should stand up for themselves, and Golding's quote: "I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and always have been," is by far one of my favorite quotes... but modern day feminism is not something I want to be associated with.

I'm all for "anything you can do I can do better," and "We can do it!" but realistically speaking in some situations, that isn't feasible. As an 18-year-old woman who works out regularly, and is stronger than the average female, I couldn't carry a 190-pound man back to a safe zone after he was shot on the front line of a war even if I tried. It is not anatomically possible for a grown woman to be as strong as a fully developed male.

Reality check: Men and women are not equal.

They are not physically equal, they are not mentally equal. Modern-day feminism is equality between the two genders, but corrupt and on steroids. I support what feminism used to be. I support women who work hard and have goals and ambition... not girls who hate men and stomp around with no shirts on to piss off the public. Feminism has developed into a polluted teaching that young men and women are plunging into.

We are built dissimilarly.

The human brain is literally an organ that is sex oriented. There is a cognitive difference, that singlehandedly destroys gender equality.

I will not spend my time running a revolution against anyone who likes Donald Trump. I am not going to binge watch Trump's twitter in an effort to start some leftist gob of drama. I refuse to be part of this head hunt to attack all Republicans on the newest Instagram post made about how feminism is stupid. I do not hate men, and society would crash and burn without the successful men and women who work together to create what we call the United States of America.

Why, you ask? Why are the 15-25 year olds of our society clinging to feminism? They are hopping on the rapidly growing bandwagon where all the hipsters, feminists and Trump haters reside. It's "cool" to hate Donald Trump. Twitter is a world of liberalism, hatred and fake love towards all. Social media is where this generation is living — and modern-day feminism brews there.

We need to keep separation in the household within roles.

We must raise our children to do what they are best at rather than trying to do something they are incapable of just to prove an irrelevant point.

Women must stand up for what they believe in and be strong in their shoes, while not getting so caught up in what your modern day feminist says she thinks is right.

We cannot let this briskly changing society sway us away from what is going to keep the world working precisely.

Cover Image Credit: Macey Joe Mullins

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Christian Women And Modern Feminism Cannot Coexist

Women who hold the truths of the Bible cannot also hold the ideas of modern feminism.


Feminism, as it is defined, is the "advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes," according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. This is NOT where the problem lies.

Eve was made from the rib of Adam, not from the foot to be below him, or the head to be above him, but the rib to stand beside him. The problem does not stand with the ideology that women and men are equal as humans, as this is a Biblical truth.

The problem lies within what feminism has become.

For Christian women, our calling is outlined directly in Titus 2. It states, "(women) are to love their husbands and children, be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands."

This seems to fly directly in the face of modern feminism, doesn't it? Working at home?! How dare you say that! Notably, this verse never says women cannot have a career outside of the home; it simply says that the home is a priority when a woman has a husband and children.

Submissive to their husbands?! That sounds like slavery!

The church is to submit to Christ's word and will, and the husband is to be the spiritual leader of his home. Similarly, the wife is ideally like the church in which she allows her husband to lead the family. It never says that a woman is a servant and can be abused by her husband.

Modern feminism teaches that women are not just similar to men, but that they should be better.

They constantly focus on what they can do that men can't, and what they can do better than men. Why is this a problem for Christian women? Men and women are meant to complement each other in their personalities and physicalities, they are not meant to try and outdo each other.

God made both man and woman to bind together and live life together, as humans are made for companionship. Modern feminism also teaches that you have every right to abort a child within you, even if it's a result of your own irresponsibilities.

Jeremiah 1:5 states, "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I set you apart..." As a Christian woman, how could you support an ideology that completely disregards the sanctity of human life?

Modern feminism attacks the core of Christian womanhood and effectively destroys the special qualities of women created by God.

We are made differently than men and that is OK. If you are a Christian woman, and you hold the truths of the Bible as law in your heart, there is absolutely no logical way that modern feminist ideologies can coexist.

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