Socialist best friend

I Asked My Socialist Best Friend Some Questions

I asked him why he truly believes in this system.


My friend in this story is kept anonymous, so he will be referred to as Jack

My very close friend is a socialist. I decided since I have shown my side of the perspective that it is only fair that we look at the other side. This will not be a commentary on his answers, and it is just another view. I attempted to keep this as unbiased as possible in my questions.

This man is purely brilliant. He is a Mathematics Major and a future Insurance Actuary. No matter what beliefs we differ on, we are still best friends. We constantly debate over this and always reach stand stills.

Now that that is out of the way. Let's get onto the questions.

Andrew: What does socialism mean to you?

Jack: Socialism means equal distribution of the factors of production, and as an extension of that, equal distribution of income. On a more philosophical note, I believe socialism means financial equality. It means no Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Warren Buffett being richer than half the US. It also means no unemployment, no beggars in the street, and no one having to worry about earning less than the person next to them.

A: Why do you personally believe in socialism?

J: I believe in socialism because it is a truly equal economic ideal. It also guarantees to each citizen that they will have a chance to earn a living. Finally, socialism allows people to find motivation from something other than money.

A: How are communism and socialism different?

J: Communism gives people a communal goal to achieve, whereas socialism merely controls the means of production, leaving people to set their own goals and decide what to do with what they are given. Basically, in a communist economy, many more choices are already made for its members than in a socialist economy.

A: What is a living wage?

J: A living wage is the amount of money it takes to live, and it depends on different circumstances. In general, I'd say a living wage should provide comfort, but not excess.

A: Why do you think that?

J: I prefer to leave that answer fairly general because comfort and excess appear to be highly subjective concepts. However, I believe if one were to investigate these deeper I think one would find that there could easily be a universally accepted definition of comfort, as well as excess.

A: Okay, so what's democratic socialism, and is it different from socialism?

J: Democratic socialism is a form of socialism. In this form of socialism, there is a democratic process to deciding how and what the government distributes among its citizens, but it is still socialism. I think democratic socialism one of the more appealing forms of socialism because it does not entirely hand control over to the government.

A: Do you believe socialism is the key in the United States?

J: The US government, unfortunately, has spent the last 70 years training its citizens to believe socialism is pure evil. Therefore, I do not believe socialism could be implemented in the US without devastating uproar. No, socialism is not the key in the US simply because too many people already believe it is the devil and cannot be convinced otherwise.

A: Who is your favorite politician? Why?

J: FDR. He created more positive change than any other president, got elected more than any other president, won a war, and did it all from a wheelchair.

A: Is an increase in minimum wage a good thing?

J: For an increase in minimum wage to work, the economy around it must also be adjusted. I am not foolish enough to believe that simply saying "no one can be paid under $20/hr" can improve everyone's lives.

A: Does superior ability suffer under socialism?

J: It doesn't have to. I believe those with superior ability, in a socialist economy, can find non-monetary motivation to use that ability.

A: Will there still be an incentive to innovate in socialism?

J: Did Edison pioneer research and development processes just because he wanted to get rich? Innovation is not incentivized by wealth. It is incentivized by the need or desire for something which does not yet exist.

A: How much economic freedom do you believe is appropriate?

J: I think freedom to spend how one chooses is important. Simply put, no one should be forced to eat chicken and rice their entire lives. Socialist economies do not force people to spend in a certain way.

A: How expansive should healthcare be?

J: Healthcare should be free and universally available

A: Thanks so much. I appreciate your comments.

J: It's my pleasure. I hope I've convinced at least one person that socialism isn't pure evil.

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From one left out girl to another,

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Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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We're All Thinking It, I'm Saying It: Too Many People Are Running For President

I'm all for options, but man, do we really need 24? I mean, I can barely pick a flavor of ice cream at Baskin Robbins let alone a potential President.


There are, currently, 23 Democrats running for President. On the Republican side, there's, of course, Trump, but only one other candidate, former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld. Democrats have a whole range of people running, from senators to congressmen, a former vice-president, and even a spiritual advisor. We can now say that there are DOZENS of people running for President in 2020.

Joe Biden has been leading the pack for quite some time now. He was even leading polls before he announced his campaign. Although he is the frontrunner, there really is no big favorite to win the nomination. Biden has been hovering around the mid-30s in most polls, with Bernie Sanders coming in second. Other minor candidates in the hunt are Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Kamala Harris.

After the surprising defeat of Hillary Clinton in 2016, Democrats have become electrified and have a mission to take back the White House after winning back the House of Representatives in 2018. There are so many people running in 2020, it seems that it will be hard to focus on who is saying what and why someone believes in something, but in the end, there can only be one candidate. This is the most diverse group of candidates ever, several women are running, people of color, the first out gay candidate, and several more.

There could be a problem when it comes to debate time. I mean, the first debate is next month. Having around 20-plus people on stage at the same time, debating each other kinda sounds like a nightmare. How can someone get their point across in the right amount of time when someone else is going to cut them off? Debates are usually around an hour and a half. So, if you divide it up, each candidate would get just under five minutes to speak. That would be in a perfect world of course.

Democrats seriously believe that they can beat Trump in 2020. They say they have learned from the mistakes of 2016, and have the guts and the momentum to storm back into the White House. By July of next year, there will be only one candidate left. Will they be able to reconcile the divide during the primaries? We will see. It will surely be a fun election cycle, so make sure to have your popcorn ready and your ballot at hand to pick your favorite candidate, no matter what party you lean towards.

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