At the beginning of my high school career, I went to talk to my advisor about the upcoming year. We had to tell her what we wanted to do after we got out of high school. My answer to that was to go to college and be a Physical Therapist. I had always wanted to be one for a long time because I love to help people and also a few of my family members have had surgeries and I've been with them while they have gone to their treatments.

Well about 3 years ago my mama was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and it hit me really hard. Well at the Summer of my senior year, I had to fill out a paper so it can be put in our programs for the football games for all the senior athletes. At that time I still had my heart set out on becoming a Physical Therapist.

Then right before my senior night for softball, I changed my mind. I had decided that I want to become a Cancer Psychologist. I want to help cancer patients and their families talk about their problems. For me, if I were to have someone there for me when my mama was going through cancer, it probably would have been easier for me. I want to help people with their problems and for someone to just be there for them.