Maybe I'm not qualified to be talking about TV shows, because I usually don't have the time or energy to actually put effort into following a show. When all my friends talk about Breaking Bad, Orange Is the New Black, and The Office, I basically have no idea what they are talking about. One of the only shows I have ever cared to follow is one that existed before I did, and that is Friends. Below are the following reasons why Friends is the only show that tempts me to waste all my time binge-watching in my bed, and why I relate to it more than anything else on Netflix.

Chandler is basically the fictional embodiment of how all men feel about love once they hit twenty-five, as well as how all women feel at pretty much all ages.

My diet as a broke college student who loses her wallet all the time is basically exactly the same as Joey's, no matter what.

Rachel Green never fails to make me feel like I'm slightly less alone since a lot of the time, she is either equally as alone, or messing up dates.

Despite her quirkiness and eccentricity, Phoebe always knows what matters most at the end of the day. You know, aside from cleansing people's auras.

Monica freaking out at work is pretty much exactly the same thing as me freaking out everywhere I go in my life.

Ross trying to get out of a speeding ticket is the same as me trying to get out of any trouble whatsoever. And failing. Failing so much.

Monica's simplicity and frankness with Chandler is how I aspire to talk to boys one day. Emphasis is on the last two words of that sentence, since I definitely don't have that kind of courage yet.

Also, Ross and Joey's reaction is the same one my conscience gets when I try to have serious conversations with guys.

Chandler's mindset supports everything I believed to be true in high school when my parents asked me what I was doing out so late.

Last but not least, Monica's welcoming Rachel to actual adult reality makes me feel both warm and fuzzy inside, and beyond depressed that I actually have to live in it.

Next time you're bored, lonely, and unlucky in life, start watching Friends! They make being bored, lonely, and unlucky look like a lot of fun.