Why Listening to Music is Good For You

It's no secret; everyone loves music. Whether you prefer pop or rap or metal or any other musical genre, you most probably listen to some type of music. Music brings people together, allows messages to be spread, and is an important social medium. With how totally awesome music is, there's no surprise that it's also good for you!

1. It Can Help You Focus

Music has been proven to help you focus on tasks. It has been proven that Classical and Baroque music improve attention and memory retention, so next time you are studying for that big test, put on some Bach!

2. It Elevates Workouts

Working out is an experience in itself, but playing a fast song while exercising has been proven to ramp up the intensity of the workout and increase endurance. After all, when your favorite song comes on, you're focused on the song and not so much the exercise.

3. It Improves Sleep Quality

Listening to music, specifically classical music, has been proven to help insomniac students sleep better. You can also listen if you want a better nights rest, or if you want to feel more refreshed in the morning.

4. It Can Raise IQ

Not only is music super fun to listen to, it's fun to play, and playing it can raise your IQ. A study conducted showed that children who had taken piano lessons had comparatively higher IQs than those who had not taken lessons.

5. It Can Improve Your Mood

Have you ever been down, and listened to your favorite song? Chances are it might have improved your mood. Music has been proven to do that. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

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