Why It’s Sexy For A Girl To Make The First Move
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Why It’s Sexy For A Girl To Make The First Move

I'm tired of girls relying upon guys to make the first move and dictate the conversations.

Why It’s Sexy For A Girl To Make The First Move

I'm tired. I'm tired of girls telling me they can't talk to a guy because it would be weird. I'm tired of girls relying upon guys to make the first move and dictate the conversations. Why are we still letting this happen? Isn't this a little outdated? Sure I love when guys come up to me and strike meaningful conversations, but can't women do the same?

When girls want something they go after it! They don't wait for it, they fight for what they want & deserve. We tell ourselves that we are strong and we get sh*t done. We build each other up, inspire, and empower. We're quite amazing when I think about it. So why is it that when it comes to guys we think it's alright to just sit back and wait and hope it all works out?

What are we actually afraid of when we reach out to guys? That they won't respond? That the conversation will die quickly? But seriously, is that really the end of the world? Or are we just weeding out someone who isn't right for you? Boy, BYE.

We're living in an amazing time! Let's take advantage of this. Ladies, make the first move with pride! Bumble is designed exactly for that. Empowering women to make the first move. It represents so much more than that. Show men you're bold and not afraid to go after what you want. And what you currently want is to talk to — YOU.

And ya know what, it may be tough sometimes. You may experience some rejection and uncertainty and, I hate to say it, some jerks. But, ladies, we can handle it! We know we're some badass women who don't need anyone to validate our worth. On Bumble after the female has made the first move, the guy has 24 hours to respond. So you're not wasting time playing the “Is he into me or not?" game. If he is, awesome you go girl. If for some unfathomable reason he doesn't respond (probably lost his phone), oh well! We pick ourselves up and continuing swiping right till we find our right match.

It's sexy to show a guy that you're interested! Aren't we all tired of sitting around hoping that a guy will pop out of nowhere to text us? (When you read that sentence, pretty pathetic huh?) Let's stop waiting for others to lead. If you're interested, let him know! At the end of the day, we're just trying to form a connection with someone else. Let's focus more on that, and less on the chase.

Be the confident woman you are and show a guy that it's sexy and cool to fight societal gender norms. Message guys with pride on Bumble, and brush off those that don't see your worth. Make the first move and go for it yourself.

Bumble is a female empowering dating, friend finding, and networking app that takes the pressure off of guys and puts the women in charge.

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