Why Traveling Makes Life More Exciting

Why Traveling Makes Life More Exciting

Even if you can only afford one really big trip in your life, you still need to take advantage of it.

Traveling is something that can be extremely fun and eyeopening. Lots of people choose to study abroad while they are in college and those that don't will often regret it. There is so much more out there than your home town or home state or home country. The world is full of different cultures and food and music and so on, everyone should have the opportunity to experience that in one way or another.

When I was a junior in high school, I participated in an exchange trip to Ireland. For one week in October I had an Irish Student live with me, then in February I went and lived with her for one week in Ireland. I saw so many beautiful landscapes and castles. I tried all kinds of new foods, built relationships with all the students that participated in the exchange, and I still talk with some of the students from Ireland today.

The trip was an experience of a life time. This was the trip that made me want to travel when I get older. I learned so many new things, and had loads of fun, I did not want to leave! I saw that there was so much more than just the country I lived in, I was convinced that I was supposed to be born in Ireland, because I loved it so much. All the people there are so friendly and will talk to you because they know you're not European, but they are genuinely curious about where your from, why you're here, etc. It is fun to see the differences between school, nightlife, home life, food. Some of the things are so simple, but you still find it interesting.

We went to places like the Blarney Castle and Dublin, The Ring of Kerry, The Cliffs of Moher and so much more was jammed into this one short week. It almost moved too fast, I wanted it to slow down because I was enjoying it so much. The sites were absolutely breath taking, pictures would not even do it justice. All you hear is that in Ireland it rains all the time, and this is true, but it seemed that it would really only rain at night while we were there, so out days were sunny and enjoyable. If I could go back and do the entire trip over again I would.

One of the chaperones of the trip told us to get the international calls and text put on to our phones so we could communicate with our students and our family while we were over there, I was one of the few people that did not do that. While I was on the long bus rides going from city to city or going to a new destination, I was looking out the window, listening to the tour guide, taking it all in.

That was probably one of the best things that could have happened on the trip. I wasn't looking down at a screen the whole time, or texting someone the whole time, but I was taking in everything else around me.

If you get the option to travel, you need to take action, and it better sooner rather than later! If you wait until you're 50 you might regret it, because after you go one place, you're going to want to go to another place and another place and another place...Start in college, or once you graduate, because you will not regret it. Even if it is only to one place every few years it is still with it! It might take a long time to plan, and a long time to save, but you just have to put up with that part.

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Civitavecchia Port to Fiumicino Airport - Experience Italian Luxury on Wheels

Civitavecchia Port to Fiumicino Airport - Experience Italian Luxury on Wheels

Your exquisite experience of luxury travel in Rome and the rest of Italy start from the Civitavecchia port to Fiumicino airport transfer. CAB ROMA offers you the top rated cabs and shuttle services at highly competitive rates according to your planned schedule. The key elements that ensure your comfort and safety are the punctuality, flexibility, availability and customized services at your fingertips. No matter at what time you arrive at the port, the friendly chauffer will be at your service with the best of class cab. 

Civitavecchia Port to Fiumicino Airport – Online Booking 

You can pre plan your Italian tour before you set your foot on the Civitavecchia port in Rome. The friendly cab driver will await your arrival and pick you up on time. He can also help you in loading the baggage into the cab and ensuring its safety on your way. Once you reach the airport you can easily find your way to the designated terminal where your flight to the next Italian destination awaits your boarding. 

· Online Booking: Visit the CAB ROMA website on your smart phone and browse through the available cab sizes and types.  You can fill the online form within a few minutes to submit the travel details to the service provider. Choose the vehicle type (private car or shared shuttle) and fill up your personal details. Select the payment type and click the confirm button. The flexile options for online payment (credit card) and cash at the driver make it convenient for you to plan your payment. 

· Luxury Options: CAB ROMA has a vast inventory of luxury cars from the traditional Benz to the high end Sedan and BMW vehicles.  They are exclusively dedicated for your private use ad offer comprehensively customized services. You can also opt for the shared shuttles which offer luxury travel on a budget. 

· Safe Travel: Traveling by train or other mass transport can be risky as you spend more time and money on your way. Your unfamiliarity with the local language can also increase the stress from the port to the airport travel. CAB ROMA offers you the safest and punctual travel. You can also opt for some shopping experience on the way (on luxury cars according to terms and conditions agreed) if you have sufficient time before boarding your flight at the airport. The chauffer will be glad to take you on the best Roman shopping and wait for you at the parking lot. 

· Quality Service: The quality service provided by CAB ROMA is rated at the top of Italian luxury cabs. The friendly chauffer and the comfortable vehicle are the best combination you can find for ensuring timely start, faster transit and assured arrival at the destination within your planned time. 

CAB ROMA – Tour Italy on Wheels 

CAB ROMA offers tour Italy on wheels services at highly competitive prices. You can take a private tour in Rome and on your arrival and rest for the night at a convenient hotel. The chauffer can suggest the best hotel based on your preference and budget. On the next day you can start your Italy tour with CAB ROMA luxury car. 

· Tour Destinations: You may start from Naples and travel through Pompeii, Amalfi, Capri, Positano, Sorrento and Florence. Pre-planned travel can help you save time and get you great offers for the long tours. 

· Family Tours: CAB ROMA is rated to be the safest and coolest luxury service for your family tour of Rome and Italy. Your designated chauffer can guide you to the best restaurants, souvenir shops, shopping malls, tourist destinations and other attractions during your tour.  

· Corporate Travel: Your corporate travel with CAB ROMA can be for the Civitavecchia port to Fiumicino airport transfer or Italy tour on wheels. The designated chauffer will be able to organize your baggage and accessories in a safe and secure manner in the vehicles. You can brief him about your schedule and resting spots on way (during tour Italy). You can also plan your meetings, seminars and other business schedules in advance. Call CAB ROMA and brief them about your entire schedule in detail. You can also request for a meeting with the company representative to organize your travel. It helps in avoiding confusion and last minute changes. 

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10 Places To Visit On My SoCal Bucket List

We should always explore, right?

Going to school and living in Southern California brings many fun, instagrammable opportunities and spots. Whether it is food places, hiking spots, the ocean, or some trendy area to be in, SoCal has so many places for anyone to visit. Here is my bucket list of 10 places I've yet to go in SoCal.

1. Rocky Horror Picture

Every Saturday night at 11:59pm, the Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles has a performance of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

2. Venice Canals

The Venice Canals is this super beautiful spot where they filmed Valentine's Day (the movie) and a place that many people have first dates.

3. Balboa Park

Balboa Park is located in San Diego, California and is home to museums and beautiful parks. For those of you who are deep into cuffing season, maybe a potential wedding location.

4. Nobu

Nobu is one of the most popular, most expensive restaurants in Malibu, California. Hopefully, by the time I start making good money, this place will be just as popular.

5. Malibu Wine Safaris

Whoever invented Malibu Wine Safaris thought of everything. Most kids love the zoo and as adults, we are always yearning for the days with no responsibilities, so why not mix the childhood and the best part of adulthood: ALCOHOL.

6. Java Man Coffee House

My fellow writer, Grace, says that this is the most beautiful beachside cafe to ever go to. Located in Hermosa Beach, CA.

7. Hotel Del Coronado

This gorgeous hotel is located on Coronado Island near San Diego. In the winter they have an ice skating rink on the beach. It's very expensive, but I hope to stay here at some point!

8. Amoeba

Amoeba is located in Los Angeles, CA and will provide all your music needs. The question my roommates ask me every week, "How have you not been yet?"

9. Carpinteria

Carpinteria is located east of Santa Barbara and is known for its small-town vibe (well as small of a town as there could be in California) and beautiful secluded beaches.

10. Bruxie

Bruxie is a waffle place located in Santa Monica, CA. It is known for making waffle fries, waffle sandwiches, and just plain waffles.

I hope you enjoyed my bucket list of places to go to in SoCal.

Go eat, drink, be merry, and most importantly forget about adulting and college stress.

Cover Image Credit: Alicia Burrell

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