Why I'm STILL Voting Trump
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Why I'm STILL Voting Trump

With all of the drama that is taking place, here is an update on why I still back my candidate.

Why I'm STILL Voting Trump

A couple of months ago I wrote an article titled "Why I'm A Millennial That's Voting Trump" (check it out if you haven't read it yet). With everything going on in the election recently, I decided it was time to share some different reasons why I'm STILL voting Trump.

The biggest argument I have seen all over my social media pages is that he is a sexist pig. Yes, he has said a lot of sexist things. Yes, he can be incredibly offensive. No, I don't condone sexist behavior; however, this isn't going to stop me from voting for him. Every statement that I have seen people point out has been from the past. I'm talking a decade ago, not just one or two years. I have personally listened to many ordinary people make these comments. So what's the difference? The difference isn't that he is a celebrity. There are many other celebrities that sexualize women. For example, rappers. That is all rappers do, yet no one says anything about it. What about stores? Victoria's Secret is well known for sexualizing women. You can find tons of articles about them degrading women for using their bodies for other purposes such has having a baby or breast feeding. Again, I'm not condoning sexist comments, but this is the only argument I ever seem to hear against Trump and we have no right to get mad when he makes a comment yet praise others for the same behavior.

So, let's talk about what really matters: what Trump supports when it comes to the "issues." First up, money and economics. Trump supports keeping churches (which are non-profit organizations) exempt from taxes. He supports lowering the Corporate income tax which will help encourage companies who have offshore factories to come back to the United States bringing jobs with them. He does not support an increase in taxes. Taxes are already at a pretty high rate and take a large amount of income from low and middle class families. Increasing taxes on the upper-class will just give the business owners and CEOs a reason to leave and (potentially) take the jobs they created with them.

Second, education. Trump doesn't support the common core standards that have been put in place. And speaking as someone who has worked in the school system and knows many teachers, I have to say that it is not the best method for teaching our youth. He also doesn't support tenure for teachers. Personally, I believe that tenure makes teachers lazy. They know their job is safe and, unfortunately, many times they slack off and don't give their all to their students. He also doesn't believe in free college. This is a huge topic, and hate me if you want, but I don't believe it should be free. There are scholarships and grants available for those who cannot afford it. I am willing to admit that that system is seemingly broke though and we do need to work on fixing it so that those who really do need help can receive it. Additionally, college isn't for everyone. There are many jobs that pay well that do not require a college education.

Third, healthcare. Trump does not support abortion which is a huge issue for me. He also does not support Obama Care. Many of the reasons I do not support Obama Care were listed in the third paragraph on my article about socialism.

Fourth, immigration. Trump believes in increased security at our boarders as well as an increase in the laws that apply to illegals. He also doesn't believe that everyone here illegally should just be grandfathered in and automatically made a citizen.

Fifth, military. He believes in increasing our military and fighting for our continued freedom. He believes in defeating ISIS and not just sitting back while they terrorize innocent people. He also doesn't believe we should close Guantanamo Bay and he supports more funding for our troops who protect us and fight for us to remain free.

There are many other topics up for discussion with the election quickly approaching, but these seem to be the main topics and the ones I completely agree with. With every candidate, I will have disagreements such as, he supports the death penalty and I do not, but you are not going to agree with everything everyone says. He may say some offensive things because he is not a polished politician, but he will bring a new look to the country. He will run the country like a business that needs to succeed.

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