There are many mixed feelings about the “millennial” generation. People think we’re intelligent and innovative which can take our futures far. People also think we are over entitled to anything and everything we want at the snap of our fingertips. And those people are right.

Overall, the millennial generation is the most sheltered generation ever. Many of us have had our parents guide us through everything in life and we haven’t actually had to experience life as adults by ourselves. Our parents bought us almost everything we wanted or we barely had to work for it. They made us lunches, filled out our FAFSA forms for college, and do our taxes every year.

See, that’s the problem. We’re so used to getting what we want or having our parents do the hard work for us that we don’t actually know the value and meaning of hard work. We want free or lowered price for college but don’t think about the future. We have a want it now attitude but don’t think about the future when we make decisions. So yes, we would love free or cheaper college but we don’t think about the higher taxes we’ll pay in the future or how many employees will be laid off at colleges.

We haven’t really had to work hard for anything. Granted, there are many kids out there who work hard. But many don’t work hard. Kids take courses at colleges for over $1000. They fail one test and decide to quit and drop the class. That’s essentially throwing thousands of dollars down the drain. But our generation is accustomed to that so we see it as just money and not our future.

We are poorly educated and spend more time on our smartphones than doing homework. Many millennials probably can’t tell you who the 40th president of the United States was or what year the Constitution was signed but they can tell you the latest Kardashian drama or when the next iPhone is coming out.

Sadly, I really don’t think there’s hope for the millennial generation. Our sense of entitlement is too great. We are spending so much more time fighting and protesting about issues when we could all be working together and trying to come up with solutions to fix them. But again, we have want it now and get it now attitudes and aren’t willing to work hard for what we want.

So yes, I am a millennial. I have no problem paying back the student loans I’m taking out to go through college. I’d rather pay more money in student loans for 20 years than outrageously high taxes for the rest of my life. I believe in working hard for my money. I’m not saying I’ve never had to go to my parents and ask for money or ask them to buy me things. Everyone has. But I believe in working for my “spending” money and working for things I want in the future.

In the end, I have no hope for the millennial generation because they’re too wrapped up in petty problems than real life problems.