This Is What The Bible Has To Say About FOMO

This Is What The Bible Has To Say About FOMO

God will never let you miss out on the opportunity to come to Him.


Everyone's doing something exciting.

How do I know?

It's all in the posts.

Instagram, Facebook, and all forms of social media are sources of news, yes, but they may also incite FOMO or the "fear of missing out."

There are certain times when I would love to be back in Texas with friends or touring in one of those boats that's famous in Italy (you see, if I had been to Italy I'd know what to call those skinny boats).

Let me first explain that my life doesn't lack action. Babysitting my brothers always brings adventure! It's just not the type of "fun" everyone else seems to be experiencing.

And so, the thought of being somewhere else for the day tempted me.

And those are the keywords: "tempted me."

Satan tempts.

And FOMO is another way for him to sneak into my thoughts.

FOMO borders closely along the lines of jealousy, and for what reason does a daughter of the Lord ever have to be jealous?

There is never a reason. Except for the fact that I fall short (and not in my height this time). I will never be able to achieve perfect sanctification. And that's okay with me, as long as I'm constantly striving to love and live in the name of Jesus more and more each day.

In James 4: 2-4, the Bible points out that we "desire and do not have... covet and cannot obtain." And all for what? There is nothing pleasing to God that is a result of being covetous or jealous. The passage further explains, "friendship with the world is enmity with God." I would like to think that I would always choose God over the world, but experiencing FOMO forces me to choose the opposite.

FOMO lures me into comparing my life to others. It holds me back and whispers about the possibilities of what I could be doing. It squashes all feelings of gratitude and spits out the words, "what if I" and "not enough."

This is not a matter of placing blame on another for feeling excluded. No, it's more like I wish I was living in a different time or given a different opportunity.

But what I fail to realize in these instances, is that God has provided me with MORE than enough. I live an entirely blessed life, and I'm not making this judgment through comparison. I know that God loves me more than anyone else can, and even if I couldn't fathom that thought, he sent his Son to die for all sinners like me. Now that's more than enough proof.

In my times of battling FOMO, I must remember that lusting after material riches will only cause despair. Instead, I will focus on the words in Hebrews 13:5-6, "Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, 'I will never leave you nor forsake you.' So we can confidently say, 'The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me?'"

God has continually blessed my life with people and things that He never had to give me. I am embarrassed to admit to these feelings of missing out when He has given me a life full of joy.

Even in times of trial, I will still give thanks for all that God has provided for me, for it is far more than I could ever need. So what place do I have to scroll through social media and feel "less than?"

In writing this, and in reading through God's word, His mercy and grace ring truer than ever before.

It is my prayer that you would dwell on these verses, and meditate on what is preventing you from seeing God's true love for us all.

Maybe nothing is preventing you from seeing God's true love. But then again, maybe you've never realized that you've been looking at His forgiveness through a mere crack in the door, while He is waiting for you to open it.

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To The Catholic Women In Today's World, Be Brave, And Be Who God Meant You To Be

You stand out as different, but that's ok.


Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to attend an event called SEEK2019. (See my last article On how SEEK changed my life) While there, I had the honor to meet many, many amazing speakers who are amazing examples of faith and what it means to live an authentic and Catholic life in this world. One of the amazing people I got to meet, was a fantastic and beautiful woman named Emily Wilson Hussem.

She recently wrote a book called "Go Bravely: Becoming The Woman God Created You To Be." (spoiler! That's what this article is about!) I got to talk to her for a few minutes and she is just so amazing. She is a renowned Catholic speaker, worship leader and has an amazing and inspiring vlog on youtube. (Check it out! It's not just for Catholics)

Her book, which I am currently reading, is amazing and is aimed for women who not only need encouragement as women of faith, but for those who are wondering if there is more to life, and for any women out there who realize that it is tough to be an authentic woman in this world. The world is telling us that we have to do this or that to be beautiful. We have to do this or that to fit in.

A big thing I've dealt with as a young Catholic college woman who is not doing everything that the world wants me to. Being in college (especially at a non-christian college) there is an immense amount of both verbal and even nonverbal pressure from the world and fellow college students to live the "college experience." That if you are not drinking, partying, hooking up, having sex with your boyfriend, then you are not experiencing the "full college experience."

That you stand out in a way that the world tells us is bad or weird. I was invited to many parties before I even started classes as a freshman. I haven't been treated harshly. I am not saying that non-Catholics/non-Christians are bad. Not at all. But there is still that pressure of why you aren't doing what everyone else is doing? It isn't that bad, so why does it matter. A big thing that people don't always understand is that I choose to save sex for marriage.

It is not because I think it is bad. It is because by waiting, I am telling my future husband that I love him enough to wait for him. That he is worth waiting for. It is also because I respect myself and my body. What I mean by this, is that if you are in a relationship that requires you to give of your body in an intimate way, you have now given apart of yourself to that guy. Not everyone dates one guy.

And if we are getting intimate with every guy we date, not only are we not respecting ourselves and the men, but we are again saying that our future spouse is not worth the wait. When being intimate with someone who is not our spouse, we are actually lying with our bodies. With our bodies, we are saying we are totally theirs. That we are committed and bonded to this person. That is why so many women stay in abusive relationships because they are chemically bonded to that person and apart of them now belong to that person.

A few challenges I want to leave you with are these: 1. Have high standards. Don't settle for just anyone. Don't settle for that guy who wants you just for your body. Don't settle for someone who makes you be anyone other than yourself. 2. Read Emily Wilson Hussem's book: Go Bravely (you can get this book at Barnes and Noble and probably Amazon too)

3. Also, check out Emily's vlog on youtube. 4. Lastly, if you are a college student, check out the Newman Center at your campus or the local church if you don't have a Newman Center. Talk to the FOCUS missionaries if you have some on your campus. Simply be yourself. Whether it is a friendship or a relationship if you have to be anyone but yourself, then it is not a healthy relationship, and you should not be in it. God Bless you and check out Emily Wilson Hussem, her book, and her vlog!

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