This Quiz Will Tell You Which McDonald's Sauce You Are
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In Case You've Been Wondering Which McDonald's Sauce Your Personality Is, This Quiz Will Tell You

Be honest, you've always wanted to know.

In Case You've Been Wondering Which McDonald's Sauce Your Personality Is, This Quiz Will Tell You

Of course, if you have ever visited the famous Mickey D's you may have tasted their crispy chicken nuggets. While their McNuggets are a go-to for almost everyone, it can be troubling to choose which sauce to order with it. Buffalo is spicy, yet honey mustard is tangy.

Personally I always stick with my zesty buffalo sauce, yet I know that I definitely do not have the personality of that flavor.

Are you curious if you match the aesthetic of your favorite dipping sauce?

Don't worry, all your questions will be answered. But first, you have to answer these simple questions.

1) How would your friends describe you?

A) Chill
B) Bold
C) Kind
D) Good Looking
E) Calm
F) Fierce

2) Where are you on a Friday night?

A) Watching a movie with friends.

B) Dancing and clubbing

C) Playing board games with family

D) On a date with your significant other

E) Catching some Z's

F) More than likely something dangerous

3) What show are you binge-watching this weekend?

A) Friends

B) Riverdale

C) Fuller House

D) Gossip Girl

E) 13 Reasons Why

F) Tiger King

4) Where you grabbing dinner from? (Of course, somewhere other than McDonald's.)

A) Subway

B) Burger king

C) Dairy Queen

D) PizzaHut

E) Panera

F) Wingstop

5) You've got a hot date tonight! What are you two doing this evening?

A) Going to a Drive-In Movie Theater

B) Grabbing Drinks

C) Stargazing

D) Eating at a Nice Restaurant

E) Having ice-cream and Play a Round of Minigolf

F) Laser Tag and Grabbing Burger for Dinner

6) What is your favorite holiday?

A) New Years Eve

B) Fourth of July

C) Easter

D) Valentines Day

E) Christmas

F) Halloween

7) Which app on your phone are you on most?

A) Snapchat

B) Tinder

C) Twtitter

D) Instagram

E) Netflix

F) YouTube

8) Where does most of your money go?

A) Food

B) Gas

C) Jewelry

D) Make-up or Skin Care

E) Colognes or Perfumes

F) Shoes

Mostly A's: Ranch

If you answered mostly A's on this quiz you are ranch. You are cool, collected, and more than likely chilling in your favorite sweatshirt right now. You enjoy hanging out with your friends, and watching comedic movies. You always manage to discover the best shows on Netflix and Hulu.

Mostly B's: Barbeque

If you answered mostly B's on this quiz you already know. You are barbeque sauce with a little bit of a tipsy side. You are always down to take shots or grab a beer. You probably are not a lightweight either like these other sauces. While you enjoy your drinks, you also enjoy hamburgers. If you're not ordering chicken nuggets, you probably are getting a Big Mac.

Mostly C's: Sweet & Sour

If you answered mostly C's on this quiz you are sweet & sour sauce. You always treat others with kindness and keep a big smile on your face. You may have a little bit of a temper, but you manage to always keep it under control. Even in the times, it is stressful, you stay strong and move on.

Mostly D's: Hot Mustard

If you answered mostly D's on this quiz you are hot mustard. You are jaw-dropping, and in all honestly a supermodel. Your Instagram is full of your best angles and shots. You never fail to have a bad hair day. You always show up to every event looking sharp and clean.

Mostly E's: Honey Mustard

If you answered mostly E's on this quiz, guess what you are. You are the sauce, honey mustard. You seem to take plenty of naps throughout the day. Who can blame you, you get pretty busy. When you are not working or sleeping you are probably working out or doing yoga.

Mostly F's: Buffalo

If you answered mostly F's on this quiz you are definitely buffalo sauce. You are competitive and always on the risky side of life. You never let anything or anyone stop you or your goals. You're the team captain and of course the winner of each game you play. Because you refuse to lose against anyone.

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