It's so easy to believe the mindset that tells you your new year's resolution will immediately change your life. So often, people decide that very minute the clock strikes 12, quitting their worst habits cold-turkey will be easier than the moment before. I want to warn you that holding onto this mentality is likely to dig you a deeper hole, farther from you resolution than you can see yourself now.

The reality is, most new year's resolutions fail within a month. Although this is true, it doesn't have to be discouraging. You should have a healthy awareness that soon, you will probably feel that the differences you hope to see in yourself aren't happening fast enough. Be patient! Results take time. Most importantly, if you slip up for one day or even one week, start again! A resolution shouldn't be a seamless, perfect path without obstacles. It's living, learning, and trying every day.

The last thing you'll want to do is begin to view your resolution as a means of failure, believing that your attempts to grow and thrive in a more positive way are worthless. So, in order to avoid feelings of failure in the coming weeks, realize the difference between succeeding in healthy habits and buying into the need for instant gratification of making up for last year's mistakes.

Every day, take healthy steps toward a better version of yourself. Hold yourself to a standard, but be careful not to become your own worst enemy.