What your bagel preference says about you
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What your bagel preference says about you

Whether you are just pairing it with cream cheese/butter, or substituting it for bread in a sandwich, the bagel you choose says a lot about you.

What your bagel preference says about you

Plain Bagel

While a plain bagel may seem like a bland choice, it doesn't necessarily go hand and hand with a bland personality. If you like plain bagels, you know to enjoy the bagel for what it is rather than the extra flavors that come with different varieties. You appreciate simplicity, and probably like foods the way they came originally. For example, you prefer plain cheese pizza and opt for classic potato chips over their flavored counterparts, and there's nothing wrong with that. Less is more.

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel

You are very true to yourself. While some avoid ordering cinnamon raisin bagels knowing their choice may get questioned, you embrace your preferences. You believe that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. You also definitely have a sweet tooth, and crave sweet over salty snacks. Kudos to you for knowing what you what and going after it.

Everything Bagel

You are the best type of person. You are go with the flow, and very low maintenance. If the store runs out of everything bagels, you are happy to substitute for sesame or plain, but you know that everything is the best type of bagel. Everything bagels pair well with just butter or cream cheese, but they also add a little oomph to one's bagel sandwich. Bonus points if you get an everything bagel with cream cheese, capers, and smoked salmon. You are elite.

Sesame Bagel

A sesame bagel is for those who are in between a plain bagel and an everything. Maybe you don't like onions. Or, you could just be trying to avoid bad breath, but you need a little something extra on your plain bagel. Maybe you want a plain bagel, but don't want to seem boring so you order the sesame to make yourself a bit more interesting. Sesame bagel orderers are either insecure, or they are a mix between plain and everything bagel eaters and simply cannot decide.

Egg Bagel

People that opt for egg bagels are the same kind of people that think having hair dyed an unusual color is a personality trait. I hate to break it to all of you egg bagel eaters, but you are not quirky. You simply try to go against the flow because you are not interesting and think breaking social norms changes that. Either that or you actually prefer the texture of an egg bagel for some odd reason. Or, you're five years old and like that it's yellow. Other than that, egg bagels are pointless. They don't have any more protein than a regular bagel. Just do everyone a favor and get a plain bagel with an egg on it like a normal person.

Multigrain Bagel

You are either trying to lose weight (in which case maybe just skip out on bagels overall.) Or, you are just in the mood for a bagel that tastes like bread. If your go-to is Multigrain, you aren't a true bagel lover. If you get multigrain every once in a while because you discovered that multigrain bagels from Dunkin taste bomb with butter, you have great taste.

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