Being on this website, you know that writing is a big part of my life. I have written about how I want to go into the journalism field, and that is why I decided to become a contributor to this website.

However, writing has been in my life for much longer than that.

I only remember a few times when I didn't enjoy writing things and that was those "writing prompts" in elementary and middle school. However, I got over that in fifth grade, when the prompt changed from narrative essays to expository essays. I can write fictional works, but that's the type of writing I have the most trouble with. I can come up with ideas, but I have no idea how to successfully drive the narrative. However, I still enjoy writing narratives.

Expository writing or non-fiction writing was way more interesting to me. I enjoyed getting to share experiences and real thoughts. I felt like I was actually trying to give someone information or get them to agree with me.

That is why I decided to write for the Odyssey. I really enjoy using writing as a way of sharing my experiences and opinions with others. I like getting to write about a topic of my choice that I am familiar with each week and just giving a stream of consciousness. I like getting to write about my personal feelings every week. And I like getting to put myself out there.