4 Things You Need To Know Before Watching 'WandaVision'
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4 Things You Need To Know Before Watching 'WandaVision'

Disney+ started streaming the show "WandaVision," and the Marvel Universe keeps getting better and better.


On January 15, 2021, Disney+ released the first two episodes of "WandaVison." This is the first of multiple Marvel-related TV shows that are expected to drop in the next year, and "WandaVision" has taken the Marvel Universe to a whole new level. Now, near the end of the first season, I've realized how incredible this show is. It stars the Avengers' Wanda and Vision, and it also includes Dr. Darcy and Jimmy Woo. In order to understand the Easter eggs hidden throughout the show and the overall plot, there are a few things you should know before watching.

1. It starts slow.

Since "WandaVison" is Marvel's first live-action TV show, I'm not surprised that the first two episodes start off a little slow. There's not a whole lot of action like you would expect from a Marvel production. These first few episodes are on the shorter side, but don't worry, they do get a bit longer as the season progresses. Don't be discouraged if you don't automatically love it at first. It'll grow on you.

2. Brush up on your Marvel history.

If you're a fan of the Marvel Universe, than you most likely know a lot about each character and their stories. Whether you prefer to read the comics or watch the movies, be sure to brush up on your Wanda, Vision, and overall Avengers knowledge before you watch the series. Not only will this make it easier to understand the plot, but it helps you recognize the Easter eggs and make predictions.

3. There are cliffhangers.

Marvel Im Fine GIF by Nerdist.comGiphy

This is one show that I recommend binge-watching purely because of all the cliffhangers. Every episode leaves you wanting more, and with more questions than answers. Not only does the show get better every episode, but every cliffhanger is more suspenseful than the last. Be prepared to be angry if you have to wait to watch the next episode. I promise you'll grow to hate the dreaded "Please Stand By" screen at the end.

4. Every episode is formatted like a sitcom from a different decade.

One of my favorite elements of "WandaVision" is that for almost every episode, it's formatted like a sitcom from a different decade. The first episode is reminiscent of 60's shows like "The Dick Van Dyke Show." Other episodes are reminiscent of "That 70's Show," "Family Ties," and finally "The Office." One of the best moments is Vision looking into the camera like Jim Halpert. The whole concept is fun, and brings an element of nostalgia to the show.

"WandaVision" was a great new addition for the Marvel Universe, and it sets the bar high for the upcoming shows.

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