What I Learned When I Bought Nice Makeup

I'm an avid supporter of not spending a lot of money on makeup. I don't think I've ever paid more than fifteen dollars for an item that will go on my face. All of my friends tell me to spend more on my makeup because it would make a difference, but I just didn't see how adding an extra $30 to my face was going to help anything.

I fought it for quite awhile, but finally, I got so fed up with literally every brand of drugstore makeup, that I caved. This is not to undermine those makeup brands, though. I have used almost all of them since I started wearing makeup about 8 years ago. I think, in fact, I've only not used two brands in my search for the perfect foundation. Two.

To give you a bit of context for this, I have the oiliest face on the entire earth. And, everyone can tell approximately three hours after I put my makeup on. My foundation gets greasy and heavy and gets in my eyes, my forehead looks like someone just cooked bacon on it, and I think aliens in space can see the shine from my chin. It's pretty bad. And yes, all you makeup gurus, I DO use mattifying primer, and toner, and facewash, and foundation, and powder, and setting spray. And still, on I shine.

Usually, a makeup will work for a solid few months, and then something happens and it becomes the worst makeup for my face ever. So I switch brands, still under $15. But, finally, after 8 years, I have given in to the makeup world.

I walked into Ulta and asked to have a foundation matched to my skin. It was awkward because I'm awkward, and I didn't know what to say beyond "My skin is really oily and already tried blah blah blah. . ." the list goes on. So, she sat me down in that makeup chair and left for a few minutes to get some foundations. I imagined her digging through piles of makeup with confusing numbers and strange names and ingredients. Realistically, I think she knew what she needed and walked right to it on the shelf. She got my shade right the first time for both samples she tried on me, and, not going to lie, I was impressed.

The experience was actually really pleasant. She put two different foundations on me and let me finish my shopping in the mall before I came back and picked one. And, sure enough, one started getting shiny just as I walked around the next hour and a half. So, I went back and got the other one that hadn't started to shine on my face already, walked up to that register, and paid a painful $40 for a bottle of makeup. To be fair, it's a big bottle and it will probably last me a long time.

I put it on that night for an event, and yes, more expensive makeup makes a world of difference. My face wasn't really greasy or shiny even after a good five hours, and I hadn't even done my entire pre-foundation mattifying routine. It went on smooth, looked smooth, didn't burn my eyes by dripping off my face into them, and it was a magical experience. I'm sold on this expensive makeup thing. I don't think it means I'm willing to pay $24 dollars for lipstick yet, but I see the perks.

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