What Every Cast Member From "The Office" Has Taught Me
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What Every Cast Member From "The Office" Has Taught Me

Life Lessons from the Cast

What Every Cast Member From "The Office" Has Taught Me
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Thursday marked the seventh day of the new year and the day I finished the last season of The Office. I was extremely sad to see it end but so happy that it happened. As the show wrapped up I began to contemplate the effect the chaotic cast had on me. This is what I learned.

1. Ryan & Kelly

Shallow people date shallow people which made Ryan and Kelly the perfect match. There are vain, self-obsessed, selfish people in this world. It is best to avoid them at all costs. But if you’re forced to work with them, be cordial.

2. Stanley

Even the grumpiest people have things that give them joy. For Stanley, it was donut day, Florida and his three affairs. Pessimism is contagious! Don't let people like Stanley get you down.

3. Jim and Pam

The best romances blossom from friendships. When Pam met Jim she was engaged and only saw Jim as a friend. Sometimes we don’t realize when we have something amazing right in front of us.

4. Kevin & Erin

The dumbest people often prove to be the friendliest. Cut them some slack. Their lack of intelligence may frustrate you, but the sunshine they bring is worth it.

5. Phyllis

It's always the quiet ones! Phyllis started off as one of the more reserved characters, but as the show evolved so did her sassy side. Never underestimate people.

6. Darryl

Darryl went from working in the warehouse to the office to working at a successful sports marketing company in Philadelphia. His character reminds us to shoot for the stars and that it is never too late to have your dream job.

7. Angela & Dwight

Love is for everyone, even the odd couples! Uptight people like Angela and Dwight can sometimes get us down but their integrity and general refusal to compromise their beliefs makes them unique and unstoppable.

8. Meredith

Don't judge a book by its cover! Party animal Meredith drank during work and flashed people at holiday parties giving herself a bad reputation. But we discovered in the last episode that amidst the chaos she was getting her doctorate in psychology.

9. Creed

There are people in this world you can’t trust. Creed was a thief and in the last episode, we learned that he was guilty of more than he let on. The sooner you learn who you can and cannot trust the better it is for you.

10. Andy

Andy started off as a standoffish character with anger issues. He went to anger management and came back as one of the happiest members of the office. People change.

11. Toby

Toby had the personality of a wet mop but earned his five minutes of fame after being part of the jury for the notorious "Scranton Strangler" case. There was not much to learn from the most miserable character other than the fact that his co-workers should have been nicer to him.

12. Oscar

Oscar's character reminds us to forgive and give people second chances. He went from having an affair with Angela's husband to letting her live with him in his apartment. Sometimes the people that hurt us can surprise us.

13. Michael

Sometimes we have the best memories with the worst people. Michael Scott was an incompetent jerk for eight seasons, but he was hilarious and somehow by the end, the members of the office began to like him. His character was not on the show the last season, but he did, however, return for the last episode. The members of the office were delighted to see him. Even the most awful people can make you smile and, incredibly, can make you miss them. Don't hold onto hate.

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