What is the Difference Between HARRTS and ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant?
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What is the Difference Between HARRTS and ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant?

HARRTS and ARTAS are the two main Robotic Hair Transplant Machines on the market. Here are the main differences between the two systems.

Robotic Hair Transplant

Hair loss at a young age has affected many people out there. As such, many young as well as adults are looking for hair restoration procedures that can address the issue. There are traditional as well as latest techniques. Traditional techniques such as the FUT and manual FUE have been there for many years, but there are latest techniques such as Robotic Hair Transplant that guarantee optimal results in the end. HARRTS and ARTAS are the main Robotic Hair Transplant systems you can consider. Read on to learn the differences between the two systems.

What's HARRTS?

Human Assisted Rapid Robotic Hair Transplant or HARRTS is the latest Hair Transplant Machine that features high magnification artificial intelligence camera, computer vision algorithms and AI software that help analyze and map the donor area. It helps give the surgeon a clear view of the donor area, identify healthy grafts and even calculate the number of grafts required for optimal results. Besides, the machine features a robotic arm that automatically controls the camera movement and tracks surgeon's hand movements during the extraction and implantation. What's more, the machine uses computerized suction-based extractor operated by the surgeon.

What is ARTAS?

ARTAS, on the other hand is an Automated Hair Transplant System that utilizes Stereoscopic Vision Camera to map and analyze the donor area in 3D. It also includes AI algorithms and a robotic arm with FUE Coring End Effector that cuts around the follicular units which are then extracted by the surgeon. The machine also prepares the recipient area and aids in the placement of the transplanted grafts. The machine does almost everything, the surgeon does little to achieve desired results.

The Main Differences Between HARRTS and ARTAS

The main different between these two hair transplant machines is that HARRTS is human assisted while ARTAS extracts follicular units on its own but requires surgeon supervision to do the job. Another difference is that while using HARRTS, the patient should not be immobilized like in the case of ARTAs where patients have to be immobilized for best results. In addition, the punch size used in HARRTS is from 0.8mm to 1.2mm while in ARTAS more than 1.2mm is used.

When it comes to number of grafts that can be harvested per session, HARRTS harvests more compared to ARTAS. In HARRTS, the surgeon can harvest up to 3,500 grafts while in ARTAs up to 2,000 grafts can be harvested in one session. What's more, it is important note that HARRTS Robotic Hair Transplant machine automatically collects the harvested grafts in the collection chamber while in ARTAS the surgeon in charge must pluck the grafts after extraction. Another important fact you need to know is that the HARRTS is enhanced with an AI Graft Implantation calculator while the ARTAS machines doesn't have the feature.

Difference in Price

HARRTS system is less expensive compared to the ARTAS machine. The HARRTS machines costs less than $150,000USD, while the ARTAS machine costs over $300,000 USD. However, the price varies with where you buy and your location as shipping costs and taxes may affect the overall price.

Final Words

Thanks to advancement in technology, hair restoration has become a simple process for the surgeons and patients as well. Today, you can consider either HARRTS or ARTAS system for your hair restoration, and you may get the desired outcome. However, using either of the two machines will require you to have a good budget. Remember to work with an experienced surgeon for the procedure to ensure you get optimal results in the end.

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