What Is Perfection?
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What Is Perfection?

Why not define it yourself?

What Is Perfection?
Spiritual Awakening Tips

Perfection is yet another word that we as individuals have the power of defining to fit the current paradigm we perceive. Each human can have a different definition of perfection because as we know, the only collective understanding of this word is spread through media outlets such as TV and magazines. After we discover our individual definition, we must not become attached to it due to the simple fact that a random event could change that definition tomorrow. For example you wake up some days automatically in a happy state where you feel that you have begun your day with an advantage which correlates to motivation and having a flow present throughout the day. Your idea of perfection on this specific day will be completely different tomorrow if you don’t get enough sleep which leads you to being drowsy and unmotivated.

It is important that people give themselves the flexibility to confidently deconstruct any aspect of reality that is in question. Also, and possibly even more important, it is necessary for the person deconstructing to remain open as new possibilities are presented and be educated in the proper tools needed to successfully integrate, rebuild, and repeat. From birth we are indoctrinated with ideas of perfection that are not our own. Pressures exist everywhere to be society’s idea of perfect. Both of your parents have an individual idea of perfection that has possibly been passed down for generations going unquestioned. We are placed in organized schooling for thirteen years where for eight hours per day, five days per week, we are forced to be in a conglomeration of non-self-guided personality formations that continue to grow as ideas of perfection spread like leeches building your identity. If we are never bombarded by the urge to self-discover, we continue to be a mold in which our hands did not form. What if our society promoted self-discovery as a path of life? What if our society required a coming of age experience that forced you to question the reality around you and open you up to the possibility of creating a new one from the foundation up? What if we were not told a lie that ‘this’ or ‘that’ is what we are supposed to do with our lives? Because in the end, nobody has any idea what the hell we are doing here. What if we move into a generation of self empowered spiritual warriors who could create a more authentic existence? I believe there is a deep underlying want to explore the possibilities at not only an individual level, but a collective one as well.

A spiritual evolution is happening all around us. For the people freaked out by the word spiritual, let me give you my definition. Spirituality in my current paradigm is the continual attempt to connect deeply to self with the goal being to evolve as a human.

Evolve is another definition that needs some clarification. If we perceive evolution only through the lenses of scholastic biology, we must accept its definition that evolution does not happen to individuals but to species as a whole over time. For me, this definition is disheartening and disempowering. We all must certainly be evolving at the individual level on a daily basis. One reason being the amount of information that is currently available to us at the click of a button. Of course individual evolution is not normally broadcasted as a mainstream type of behavior. If an alien species took media outtakes as their way of understanding our society as a whole, they would be missing a great amount of people. Yes, the reactive unconscious is at play with the spiritual warriors but just because the reactive unconscious is what fills the headlines, it does not make the spiritual warriors nonexistent. This is just an attempt to stunt growth. The current societal model is not set up for the spiritual warrior and this is a problem. The ‘caretakers’ of our current paradigm see individual empowerment as a threat to their current state. We all must continue fighting to be our best version every day. I challenge each person to wake up every morning unattached to whatever previous definitions may have been made. Attempt to manifest a world that YOU perceive as perfect.

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