what happens now that democrats have the house
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What Happens Now

With Democrats in the House the tension grows.

What Happens Now

Election day is usually an important occasion where power is tested and the people lend their voice to the governing of the country. For all the pomp some election days tend to be rather boring with nothing really on the line as the ruling party confirms their dominance. Others however fully live up to their hype as sources of tension and controversy as the balance of power in government is on the line. The election of November 6, 2018 was one of these elections.

On its face the election was a normal one a few governorships change hands, a few propositions are defeated, and only one branch of congress changed hands. But we are not living in ordinary times and even the smallest change can have massive repercussions.

The question is then what happens now. With the Senate still in GOP hands impeachment is now all but impossible though that is probably for the best as it would be a political powder keg just waiting to explode. However even with just the House much can be accomplished. For starters the entire trump legislative agenda is dead after January 2019 as democrats have only gains to make for every defeat n Trumps agenda. Additionally the House in acting in its constitutionally mandated role as keepers of the federal purse are unlikely to fund ay of trumps various pet projects and initiatives and fights over the budget are likely to get even uglier than they have in the last few years. Frankly I wouldn't be surprised if there was another government shutdown over some budget fight, bonus points if its over that damned border wall that will never be built.

However the real action that will shape the country over the next two years isn't going to come for a dearth of legislation or feuds over budgets, no the real drama is going to come from one thing and one thing only, investigations. Investigations are one of congresses most dramatic powers whether it's investigating suspected communists or Benghazi for the nth time something is always guaranteed to go down. With a president and administration as mired in corruption and scandal as this one is there shall be no shortage of material.

And therein lies the greatest danger for the next two years. The president can rage and executive order all he likes but its unlikely to accomplish much lasting change and will only further embitter people to the president. It's the search for truth that shall be the real test for our democracy as revelations and confessions come out that attest to shameful acts and brazen conspiracies.

The next two years are going to be rough politically speaking. For those who've grown tired of watching the crap show that is our national politics you ain't seen nothing yet. Things are going to get worse before they get better but they are starting to get better, we are slowly taking the first steps to removing the taint of Trump from our lives.

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