This is my first year of actual college, and we are now in the spring semester and I can honestly say I have had some fun times so far. I've met new people, and most of all I have been involved with Freshman Forum. An organization where a handful of upperclassmen who were in the organization the previous year help a number of freshmen become leaders in the community, as well as provide information and help for their first year on campus and in college.

To be in the organization who have to apply, and then you will receive an email later on stating whether you were accepted for an interview and when the said interview is. The Interview process is not very hard, but it is definitely nerve-racking, to say the least. You'll get to meet the mentors, and possible members of the forum it is super easy to make friends before, and during the interview. But as Long as you stay true to yourself and answer the questions honestly, You will do amazing.

If you get accepted into the organization you get a to be split up into groups where you will be assigned a mentor. Honestly, words can not describe how awesome it is when you get to know your group members and mentor, and really just everyone involved in the forum.

For the past few months I have got to hang out with some of the most amazing people, and I am so thankful for this opportunity. I've made friends through my group, and through the interview process, and not to mention all the really cool things the Forum does.

Freshman Forum has let me come out of my shell a great deal this year, I have done things I never have done before, I have done a lot of community service, and even helped out during out schools preview days. We have groups that go to the Boys And Girls club to play with the kids, and there are many more community service opportunities that are being planned out for this semester.

Last semester we painted a homecoming banner together as a group and helped to put together a five-kilometer run to raise awareness and money for a small non-profit organization that deals with Suicide Prevention and Awareness. We raised a lot of money for the organization, and it was one of the many happiest moments of my time with the forum.

We have had a few casual meetings here and there, during the week of Halloween everyone dressed up in costume and the top ten costumes got to dance it out for first, second, and third place. Not to mention our Christmas Tacky Sweater contest we held the Monday before finals week. It was truly amazing to receive and give support from/to this wonderful group of people.

From weekly Forum meetings to my first taco Tuesday at Loco Mex with my mighty group three, There's never a dull moment when I am with these guys and gals. I would not trade this for anything, and I can proudly say It was the best decision I have made.