Weird Things My Generation Does
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7 Weird Things My Generation Does

"So, you don't eat meat, have three Instagram accounts and record your grocery store trips?"

7 Weird Things My Generation Does

Hi, I'm frikkin weird, and if you are reading this, you probably are too (unless you are one of the people my mom shares my articles to; if that is you, thanks for reading my millennial ramble). When I say "weird" I don't mean abstract, creative and curious; I mean "What the hell are you doing?" kind of weird. I have noticed a few things that my generation does that I personally think are just a little out of the box, and here are some of my favorites.

1. Snapchat


Snapchat has been around since the beginning of my high school years, and, when it first came out, I am pretty sure every adult thought it was a sexting app for youngsters. After a million of updates, a #sick snapscore of 351,568 and a bunch of random "streaks" with people I barely talk to, I have decided Snapchat is honestly weird. Why on earth I sit on my phone for 15 minutes and snap 40 different renditions of the same boring photo of my forehead (peep the cover of this article) to people I don't really talk to is beyond me.

2. Becoming allergic to everything


For every one person with a serious dietary issue, medical diagnoses or severe allergies, there are 15 millennials claiming to be allergic to dairy, grains or some other ambiguous food group. I was 100% convinced that I can't drink milk or my body would shut down solely on the fact that ice cream sits funny in my stomach (a pint of Ben & Jerry's upsetting your stomach is pretty darn common). I avoided milk, ice cream, whipped cream, yogurt and other dairy products for almost two years. Well, last month I had a glass of milk because I wanted to see what happened. Then, I got a latte with regular milk later that week. Then, I went CRAZY and got ice cream. And guess what? I felt fine. 100% fine. NOTHING happened, I was shocked, truly appalled. I also did this with red meat, but, let me tell you a secret: it's a trend, not a darn allergy.

3. Blending all of our food


What has an apple, cucumbers, flax seeds, nuts, carrots and sometimes kale? A Cobb Salad you say? Are you crazy? It is a smoothie! Why eat your food like a normal person when you can blend an entire aisle of Trader Joe's into a 16 oz. meal consumed through a reusable straw?

4. Needing a new outfit for every occasion


I recently saw a tweet that said something along the lines of "when will my broke ass realize I don't need a new outfit for every small occasion in my life" and it got me to think a little...I am 90% sure my dad has had the same wedding attendee outfit for 15 years. This outfit also serves for work, birthday celebrations and a random Saturday. I tried out the unthinkable and wore the same dress to work, a baptism, a wedding and the mall within the same two weeks, and it was almost as if I was the only person in the world who cared that I wore something more than once. What an amazing discovery.

5. Wasting time on our phones


Four times while writing this article, I have randomly grabbed my phone and scrolled on social media. Not because I got a notification or had to do something important, but simply just out of bad habit. I find myself wasting time I really don't have just aimlessly scrolling through social media, as if it is a required daily activity.

6. Spending money on coffee


Coming from someone who works in a coffee shop, spending money on a cup that 85% milk and ice, it is entirely not worth $5.78. Coffee has somehow become this absolute obsession that causes many people's wallets to fall flat.

7. Watching daily vlogs


Watching other people live their lives, while getting motivated to go live my life, while instead wasting away my life watching them motivate me to go do something fun...makes sense, right?

There are probably so many more things that my generation does that is a little weird (or maybe just incredibly materialistic). Along with these traits, we are also powerful, young and ambitious. So, yes, we may be weird and have some funky quirks, but I think we are doing a good job in putting some of our brain power to good use.

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