Week One of Being A Freshie Again
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Week One of Being A Freshie Again

August rolls around, and school starts again...

Week One of Being A Freshie Again
Dear Freshman Me,

Most of us officially embarked on the journey of college. Yay! more school, how great is that? (Sarcasm people) This past week has been my first week at this amazing university. I've been finding all of the neat little short cuts that save me 10 minutes to get to a class, or just allow me to de-stress a little when I feel over whelmed.

This week I've learned that college is very very different from highschool. I guess those days are meant to be let go, but of course, not forgotten. I guess you could say that one of the lucky ones, because I don't have any of those tiring 8AM classes.

College in a way is very freeing. You've finally set on your path to your ideal self and who you want to be in the future. I didn't mean for this article to sound so philosophical, but I'm just stating the facts. With being on our own, we are now put to the task of deciding our own morals, and hoping that our family taught us enough about them.

Everyone hopes that we will make the right choices with what we decide to do. Through this journey, there will be things that we have yet to experience. There will be bumps. There will be sleepless nights and bad grades. These are just small fragments of our lives that we are continually striving to live. This week I have seen and experienced so many new things that I never thought would happen.

On an ending note, college is definitely a great weight loss program. Just stay away from that freshman 15.

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