11 Types Of Brandeis Students You'll Meet This Semester
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Student Life

11 Types Of Brandeis Students You'll Meet This Semester

We are ALL Deisians.

11 Types Of Brandeis Students You'll Meet This Semester

Some people feel anxious about the start of school, but Deisians, the intellectually curious and passionate individuals that make up the Brandeis community, know that this start will be a new chance for knowledge, growth, relationships and activism. Even though we are a tight-knit bunch, we all bring something different to the table. Our diversity and acceptance of one another makes us part of one of the best campuses in the world. Maybe I am biased because I love my school, but if we didn’t have such an incredible student body, we wouldn’t have been named the top school for Students Engaged In Community Service by the Princeton Review website. This recognition is incredible, but it's not like we needed it to realize how dynamic our community is. All it takes is one look at the types of students Brandeis has to offer to understand why we should all be excited for the new year.

1. The Community Service/ Social Justice Activists

It seemed fitting to start with this one, considering this is the type of student we are known for. You can always find these students helping community members, whether it is through the Waltham Group, or a personal cause that these students are passionate about. Sexual assault prevention is one of the most notable recent causes some members of the student body have been involved in, as can be seen by recent alum ('15) Michael Frederikse's Sexual Assault PSA shown above.

2. The Scholar Athletes

These students work hard both on the field and off the field; they're a great asset to our community. Besides supporting one another as they strive to maintain high GPAs, these students make great strides in their respective sports. In fact, last year both our men and women's varsity soccer teams made it to the NCAA Division III tournament. Go Judges!

3. The Curve-Breakers

Yes, we all know these students. These are the people who you dislike when you don't study and don't do your best on a test, but they got 100 so they don't care that much, and, oh, there's no curve. You shrug them off, but you know you are secretly envious of them because they are ALWAYS on top of their studies.

4. The Philosophers

Students who question everything and spend their time thinking about the meaning of life. They do not make decisions lightly, so when they do make decisions, they should be listened to. These people have the potential to be the next big think-tanks of our nation. They deserve respect.

5. The Greeks

People tend to give Greeks a bad name. In fact, in a recent Marie Claire article, Greek Life was slammed as “wreaking havoc” on campuses everywhere. When Greek life is brought up, people think of partying and trouble. However, at Brandeis University, students who participate in Greek life are philanthropic, high-achieving students who work hard to create a community of strong-minded, generous and intelligent individuals. Look at what Greek life can really stand for in Brooke Granovsky and Jess Plante's recent article, "You Call That Sisterhood?"

6. The Artists and Innovators

These students bring creativity not only to the classroom, but also to the entire campus. They can be inspired by anything, and are not afraid to share their ideas with the rest of the community. Their eye for beauty, efficiency, and justice have been the inspiration for initiatives such as the rooftop garden on top of G-Zang, and the production of the emotional play Columbinus, which chronicles the story of the 1999 mass shooting at Columbine High School.

7. The Shy Students

In classes, these students tend to sit towards the back, trying hard not to be seen. Even though they do not often speak up , they are always thinking and are very aware of the world around them. Shy students take everything in and often learn so much from watching what is happening around them. When it comes time for tests and papers, these students quietly excel.

8. The Go-Getters

Students who know what they are passionate about and do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. These students may be double majors as well as double minors, but they can also be seen running the Student Union, getting ready for a national debate tournament with BADASS and playing intramural volleyball all at the same time. The Go-Getters keep busy, not because they have to, but because they truly want to.

9. The Self-Proclaimed Geeks

These students don't forget to be awesome...ever. They enjoy things that are perceived as uncool, and they love it. These students are 100 percent genuine people who can tell you everything about video games, anime, etc. but will only do so if you ask. They want to meet other people whose awesomeness is the same kind as theirs.

10. The Scientists

The future Bill Nyes of America. Or, you know, the future scientists who may actually find a cure for cancer or find the genetic mutation that causes mysterious genetic disorders. The possibilities for these students are endless. Thanks to on-campus labs, the scientists have a home where they can foster their skills and do research while they are pursuing their studies.

11. The Chatterboxes

Students who always speak up in class and are not afraid to share their opinions. They may be social, but they are also very engaged and demonstrate their passion through leading class discussions. Less vocal students appreciate them because they keep conversations going and encourage new opinions.

Deisians feel comfortable embracing their multi-faceted personalities, because they understand that they will be accepted for whatever traits they display. Even though groups of students exist, embracing your individuality is always the most important thing. Whether you are an artistic chatterbox or an athletic self-proclaimed nerd, you are part of this wonderful community!

So, what makes YOU a Deisian?

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