10 Ways To Quit Social Media... Almost
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10 Ways To Quit Social Media... Almost

More social, less media.

Becca Tapert

You wake up to a blue screen shining back at you. You scroll through the hot spots, feed on your news feed, only to go to sleep with your phone as your night light again. Social media for all its intents and purposes does not fulfill us as much as we want it to. To get back lost gains, here are ten ways to mostly quit social media.

1. Subscribe and Follow what matters to you.


It's not the end of the world if you stop following your friend's dog's Instagram account. Petting the screen just isn't the same. If you have a moral compass, you could always mute their posts, but removing those accounts from your feed won't hurt you. Stick to the necessities, what absolutely matters.

2. Log-in fast, log-out faster.

Chances are you never log-out of your profile when your computer can save all your passwords. Get in the habit of being faster than it takes to log-in. Digest the new emails and posts but don't turn it into a feast. The goal is to process what needs to be addressed or kept for later while using your time elsewhere and offline.

3. Fight the urge to join.


That newsletter for when shiny shoes go on sale is not what you need in your life. A full inbox that could spill over on to your desktop creates unnecessary digital clutter. Alerts and notifications are meant for more than online interactions. Have it lead to going to an event or meeting up with friends instead.

4. Out of sight, out of mind.


Did you know the blue light from our screens can accelerate blindness? What's just as worse? Being addicted to what's on them. If you have to have your device on throughout the day, limit the time you look at your screen. Put your phone on silent or even in another room while you read a book or work on something else. You'll be more productive, alert, and your eyes will thank you.

5. Don't "Like" me. Like me.


We spend so much time worrying about being liked in real life. It's easier to be liked online, but a "like" doesn't express the reasons why someone likes you or your post. Validation can be found in more meaningful ways without the internet. Instead of just leaving a like, leave a comment or start a conversation to show you care.

6. Use it or lose it.


Social media can get toxic all too often. An argument between two neighbors is now an argument between two neighbors and a third party to force an outcome. It's as pointless as choosing which ice cream flavor is the best. Don't fight fire with fire, put fires out. Be and do better online, make the internet a safe and kind place.

7. Keep it private.


Appearing offline or away is not enough anymore. Who you are and what you share online can give you a bad reputation if you're not careful. In polite company, a joke may be understood but a photo of you somewhere can be taken out of context. Be mindful of your privacy settings and avoid posting anything incriminating.

8. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Reboot.


Social media is mostly a tool for entertainment that buys your attention. A tool can be amoral however. Learn how to use your platforms in a different way that isn't a complete waste of your time or other people's time. Use it less, use if differently, repeat what works, and redefine social media for the better.

9. From FOMO to JOMO.


Trends and news outlets are always changing. Keeping up with everything else becomes less important when being a part of everyone else's race starts to affect you. FOMO, or the fear of missing out, creates unnecessary anxiety but JOMO, the joy of missing out, replaces it with much needed me time. Tap out from the 24-hour media cycle and spend some time outside the digital world.

10. Set it and forget it.


In addition to privacy settings and the mute option, there are other ways to interact on social media without really interacting. Planning your posts ahead of time or on a schedule saves more time to do more. Stop keeping track of how many likes and followers you have. Post your post, forget the insults, welcome constructive criticism, and remember the compliments. Try only checking your post at the end of each day, it will keep your head on your shoulders and your feet moving forward.

You don't have to quit all of social media, you just have to reinvent how you use it.

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