9 Ways To Be Productive Over Spring Break, Because Not Everyone Will Spend It On A Beach In Mexico
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9 Ways To Be Productive Over Spring Break, Because Not Everyone Will Spend It On A Beach In Mexico

Don't let the week go to waste.

9 Ways To Be Productive Over Spring Break, Because Not Everyone Will Spend It On A Beach In Mexico

Not everyone can go on a tropical vacation or getaway with friends over break. But the drawback of spending the week at home is how it can get old very fast. With parents and siblings at work or school, friends still in school or on vacation, and endless amounts of time to do nothing, you can get bored faster than you'd expect after the stressful week of midterms. Being productive is a great way to combat the boredom AND help with stress later on! Here are nine ideas to get you started:

1. Start applying for summer jobs and internships

All of those internship apps you’ve been looking at for months are beginning to close, and employers have already started looking for summer help. Get on it early so you don’t have to worry later on!

2. Declutter your room

Not living at home anymore means your stuff gets strewn across two places. Clear out old papers, things from high school, broken objects, old electronics. Take stock of what you’re left with - if it’s not at school with you, how important is it? Determine that for yourself and suddenly your room will be much cleaner and you’ll be less stressed when you move out for good.

3.And your social media, phone, and computer

We all have a bad habit of getting distracted and saving things in weird places, keeping random apps on our phones and leaving our middle school pictures up on Facebook. It may seem tedious, but in the end, having a clear desktop and no more blackmail easily available online is an incredible feeling.

4. Catch up on reading

Be it for school or for pleasure! If you’ve fallen behind in a class, it may be smart to consider bringing your textbook home to get ahead. And as tempting as it is to binge Netflix, reading even a novel or two can help keep you from the shock of assignments when you get back.

5. Clean out old clothes

This goes hand in hand with de-cluttering. Clearing out pieces you didn’t wear over winter or pieces you no longer want from your spring closet is a great way to make it easier to travel back to school. Plus, you can donate the clothes that are still in good condition!

6. Plan your calendar for the rest of the semester

You in the future who has three exams and two projects due in one day will appreciate this effort!

7. Try to go out and do something every day

Visit a nearby city, go see a movie, explore new things around town. Enjoy the feeling of going out alone.

8. Learn to cook something new

This is especially important if you’re moving out of the dorms next year! Learning to make a few simple dishes (even crockpot dishes) can help you save money down the road. Plus, your family will be grateful for the break from cooking if it turns out well!

9. Take a day to cleanse

One of the best things you can do when you don’t have responsibilities for a week is to take a few days off from social media, phones and other distractions. Spend the day reading, meditating and re-centering for the busy end of the semester!

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