3 Reasons You Should Watch 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'

3 Reasons You Should Watch 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'

1. It's fantastic.

What is Mystery Science Theater 3000? Well...

Is it good? My feelings are:

Reasons I should watch MST3K?

1. The "commercial breaks"

2. The inventions

3. The commentary

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6 Reasons You Should Binge Watch Haunted on Netflix

Don't have a chilling show to watch? Head over to Netflix and binge on Haunted


Netflix released their show "Haunted" for the spooky season. The show tells the story of real individuals who have endured terrifying experiences with the supernatural. Each episode, an individual sits down with friends and family to retell their stories. During the retelling of the experiences, there is dramatizing of the events that give a horror movie vibe. The first season only has 6 episodes but leaves you wanting more chilling stories. You should go check out this show.

1. It's a spooky show

"Haunted" makes you want to curl up with warm blankets and freak out with any little noise you hear in your surrounding.

2. Short episodes

The episodes are short enough where you do not get bored with the plot nor the characters.

3. Every episode leaves you with some sort of cliffhanger

Whether the ending is a ghost grabbing a toy for a peace offering or leaving you to think aliens do scientific studies on humans.

4. You can binge watch it in a sitting

Every episode is roughly around 20 minutes, so two episodes in an hour. If you do not have anything going on for the day then completing the first season is no biggie.

5. No lingering spooks

Although the show is definitely spooky and does give you chills, you also don't finish the show being mentally spooked out. "Haunted" is more of a gateway show too much more terrifying shows or movies.

6. Believable spooks

You will believe in ghosts after this show because it is based on a true story! Okay, some episodes may seem really phony, but I blame the acting in the dramatization. It is the fact that the stories are based on true life that makes you question every noise you hear and every shadow.

There you go, six reasons to go onto your Netflix account and start watching "Haunted" before October ends!

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5 Video Games To Play In-Between Family Festivities This Winter

Forget the cranberry sauce and hot chocolate, pass the controller!


You guys thought I was going to say Space Invader, didn't you? Just kidding! ;)

It's that time of the year again! Most people are finally using their remaining vacation days or enjoying winter break to get in some much needed time to relax and bond with family around the holidays. But others are itching to get in some game time after working hard all year! You've come to the right place for a list of games to play on your favorite console, especially if you ache for an interactive, attention-grabbing gaming experience!

1. Persona 5


This role-playing video game can be found on PS4 and will take its player on an unforgettable, visually stunning journey. With cut scenes that look like a professional, high-budget anime, this game allows the player to choose their response and decide if they want to take the morally high road or be a more mischievous character.

Featuring high school students with unique abilities facing a plethora of internal and external conflicts, this game is hard to put down as the minutes quickly tick to hours in what feels like seconds as the story unfolds!

2. Horizon Zero Dawn 


Creators of Killzone bring this exhilarating role-playing action game to the table, which has won an impressive number of awards for its unique gameplay. Set in an unfamiliar looking post-apocalyptic world overrun with dangerous mechanical creatures who threaten humanity's existence, the game focuses on developing the main character, Aloy's hunting skills and mastering her stealthy maneuvers to defend what's left of various civilizations.

The game also allows for level-up customization skills and offers an edge-of-your-seat thrill around every corner. Perfect for the exuberant gamer searching for a new gaming experience.

3. Red Dead Redemption 2


Longing to saddle up your trusty steed and draw your darn-tootin' gun in the ultimate badass cowboy showdown? If you answered yes, then the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 is exactly what you need to play to fuel that desire for an unforgettable escapade.

This game is complete with easter eggs for eager fans, ruthless outlaws, and a realistic wild, wild west setting that will feel like Grand Theft Auto relocated. So grab your hats and strap in for an untamed ride you don't want to miss.

4. Marvel's Spider-Man


What better way to honor Stan Lee than by delving into the complex world of his favorite character, Spider-Man? Peter Parker's secret life is explored in an authentic gameplay that allows players to experiment with spirited acrobatics, improvisational combat, and an epic, action-packed storyline. Fighting crime in the Big Apple has never been so beautiful or fun before!

Be sure to check out the photo mode, which gives players the chance to channel their inner photojournalist just like Peter Parker to create one-of-a-kind snapshots of scenes.

5. God Of War


Fans of the 'God of War' franchise can be heard rejoicing around the world when, after nearly five years, we finally get the follow up with the infamous Kratos. This time we get a look at a gentler, seasoned man who has learned quite a few tricks since we saw him last. One of which includes wielding a brand new, magical axe that acts as a boomerang upon command. Not to mention the fact he has a cheeky archer son who is ready to battle alongside his fearless father as they face harpies, new gods, and tell ancient stories about Odin and other Norse mythology.

Even if you haven't played the previous GoW games (which you should) this one is sure to be a winner for gamers who enjoy an intricate story and fighting-based action.

I know I'll be racing home after Thanksgiving dinner to plop down in my favorite reclining chair with a steaming cup of spiced apple cider to find myself transported to the mystical worlds of endless imaginative opportunities this season. Hopefully, this list will inspire you to make time to nurture that creative gaming bone that has been yearning for a new adventure or two!

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