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Yes I Need A Job, But I Refuse To Be Lied To

Just because you as a company have something I want does not mean you can disrespect me

Yes I Need A Job, But I Refuse To Be Lied To

Guys I am fuming. Let me set the scene.

I graduated college a month ago. I've been unemployed for three weeks. I am actively job hunting. I have applied for OVER 70 jobs. I check the job sites every day. I apply constantly. I am doing all I can.

And I am furious.

Not because I don't have a job. I'm fine with that. I don't love it but I accept that the right fit hasn't come yet.

What's frustrating me is the complete lack of respect I have experienced as a job seeker.

My major issue is the scam companies. While not illegal (unfortunately), these companies post misleading job descriptions so that you'll apply. Then you get a phone call or an email to set up an interview. Great! An interview, I'm so excited. But then you check Glassdoor.

By the way, Glassdoor is my best friend while job hunting, seriously get an account.

So you check Glassdoor and boom, there it is. They don't want a marketing associate or account manager or whatever the job title was you applied for. They want you to stand at a booth in Walmart or Costco and sell people DirecTV or knives or Comcast or some other service.

It's a direct sales job where you'll have to drive to the stores with no gas compensation and you're only money will come from commissions.

That's not a marketing job, that's not even a retail job, hell that's not even a real sales job. It's a scam.

Ten of those jobs I applied for, ended up being one of these scam companies. TEN.

One actually contacted me today. About an hour ago, which is why I'm writing this article.

This company offered me an interview and I said yes and let me tell you I was so excited. My first interview in this whole job hunt. And then I looked at Glassdoor, saw it was one of these scam companies and I cried. I cried.

I am so frustrated and angry at all these companies for blatantly wasting my time. I would have driven to Atlanta, paid for parking, done my hair, put on a full face of makeup and an appropriate interview outfit all for nothing. Because I didn't apply for a direct sales job.

I don't want a direct sales job. I don't want my income to be dependent on commission. And because of that I have not applied for direct sales jobs.

But because of crafty language and the complete dishonestly of these companies, I have in fact applied for ten of these jobs.

It's despicable. I cannot stand it. The weird yet plausible job titles, the fake job reviews, the careful script-based phone calls, the fancy websites with no actual information, I can't stand any of it.

These companies know exactly what they're doing because I've called them on it. When I've called or emailed each one of these companies back to tell them to remove my name for consideration, as soon as I've said "Glassdoor" they get quit, they stop trying to convince me to interview. They know.

And they do it anyway. So screw them. Don't fall for these scams and don't be surprised if you accidentally apply for one anyway. They exist by being deceiving. And while I report the ones I can, I know I can do nothing to stop the lying. But I can warn you.

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