In a similar way to seasons of weather and seasons of life, we feel different during all of our spiritual seasons. The six spiritual seasons of life are different in so many ways and we have to constantly pray through each of them.

1. The Happy Season

faith-based is the easiest season to pray through because God is giving us what we need and want. We can easily praise God when everything in our lives in content and we have given it all to God.

During the season we should pray for continued happy seasons and help during the other spiritual seasons.

2. The Dry Season

The Dry Season is a difficult one to recognize because we may not feel the disconnect to God that we know is happening. Once we realize we are in this season of faith it can be difficult to get back out of. Just like losing motivation in school, we need a jumpstart to remind us to get back to praying and reading Scripture every day.

During this season we should pray. Praying for help to get back to a happy season is fine, but we have to make sure we are consistently praying during this time.

3. The Waiting Season

faith-based is a less faith-based season, but it should have God in its forefront. Everyone has to wait for something in life like a relationship, a grade, a call from a job, and during this season we should be praying for God's help because waiting can be torture.

During this season we should pray for God to give us exactly what we need even when we may not realize what we want is not what God wants for us.

4. The Grinding Season

The grinding season of faith is difficult because in a way praying, church, and studying the Bible are just checklist items. Things are not necessarily working out right when you need them to and you are not getting exactly what you want during this time. Just try to remember during this time to not be checking off a list of faith-based actions.

During this season we should pray for peace and calm to get out of a grinding season and relax in the word of God.

5. The Test and Trials Season

This is the second hardest season of faith because it almost seems like God is trying to push you away with everything that is going wrong. In this time read the book of Job! He lost everything, faced everything, and taught us how to love God through all of it.

During this season we must pray for understanding as to why things are happening and for help bearing of our cross.

6. The Spiritual Warfare Season

This is the most difficult season because we constantly have something in the back our minds trying to pull us away from God. It is hard to get through alone and we often fear we cannot ask for help and prayers during this time. Your faithful community will help you and pray for you I promise!

During this season we must pray for our relationship with God.

Throughout these seasons it can be hard to pray and talk to our church community, but we need to delve into the Word and ask for prayers in our hard times because the love of God is unparalleled to any emotion we could ever feel as humans.

Simply pray without ceasing.