Void Bastards: Game Review
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Void Bastards: Game Review

This insane mashup of System Shock, rogue-likes, and dry British office humor is so bizarre that it works.

Void Bastards: Game Review
Photo from "Quarter to Three"'s Review of Void Bastards

From Blue Manchu studios comes the strangest Rogelio, and perhaps one of the most satisfying progression loops in a game I've ever played. Void Bastards released last year for PC on Xbox Game Pass, and recently came to a wide variety of other consoles, namely PS4 and Switch. I have had the most difficult time explaining this game to anyone.

It's got a comic book artstyle, but the writing is THOROUGHLY British, perhaps the most British game I've ever played. It's got insane levels of difficulty, frequent player deaths, terrifying encounters with wisecracking enemies, and bizarre weapons based on office supplies and bodily functions.

Despite the clashing elements, somehow everything blends together seamlessly. You play as a huge variety of criminals working as "clients" for a parent company- essentially a slave fighting for freedom- exploring a nasty part of uncharted space known as The Nebula, filled with pirates, mutated office jockeys, and twisted void monsters. Every criminal has a different trait or ability when they begin, and more can be added as you go, making each play through feel unique and presenting its own challenges and boons.

The story is essentially made up of a string of inconveniences. Every time you think you've got all the parts to register as an official citizen, ready to re-integrate into society, something goes wrong- you're missing a citizen card, the HR computer needs repairs, the printer's out of ink- everyday troubles turned into struggles between life and death as you traverse ship after ship, avoiding monstrous mutants and hostile security systems.

Though this game came out more than a year ago, I'd recommend anyone with a console or PC give it a try. It's seriously addicting and I've been recommending it to just about everyone. Despite all my sessions with the game seemingly ending in me screaming in agony or frustration, I just can't help but jump right back into the game. So check it out- it's well worth it.

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