Views On Young Marriage With Avocado GIFs
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Views On Young Marriage With Avocado GIFs

The connection between avocados and young marriage.

Views On Young Marriage With Avocado GIFs

Have you ever noticed that when you're looking through your timeline, on whatever social media account you're using, you see one of two things; your friends getting engaged or someone eating avocados. Well, I'm one of those two things -the person eating the avocados. I love marriage and all but when did it become a trend? Everywhere I turn I see a friend getting engaged or married, or I see "Open Letters To My Future Husband" and it's just like, "Come on girls, we're better than that." Marriage like avocados deserves a lot of respect. They can be ugly, beautiful, sweet, and sour... you just have to take care of them. I know comparing avocados and marriage is completely "left" field, but they both get bad raps and the "users" are the reason why.

Young marriage might be for some people, but it's definitely not for me. If it was real love then maybe I'd have a change of heart, but a lot of the love in today's society isn't actually love, it's control.

Settling Down

I have never seen so many smart girls make dumb decisions over guys. I know way too many girls who have thrown so much away over the guys they "love," I really don't get it. Now, if you're in a happy and healthy relationship then good for you, but a lot of times girls/guys are just settling because they are scared they won't find anyone else. When you have a mindset like that, can you ever tell if you're ever happy or just content? Feelings like that are a time bomb just ready to explode because you'll realize how unhappy you've been the whole time.

Why are so many people settling when there are not only other men/women out there but there are SO many other things that could occupy your time and make you feel complete.


Marriage these days feels like an actual competition. Why is it the common goal of 16-25 year-olds to get married and start a family? Seriously, when you're 18 yeard-old you have SO much to look forward to. When I was eighteen, I was moving away from school, broke up with my boyfriend, and set sail to college where I will get a degree and hopefully have a successful career and life. Does that happen automatically going to school? Of course not, but being twenty-two with a stable job and a couple of pets, is a lot nicer than having to call your husband after you leave you 3rd shift job and let him know exactly where you are and what you're doing.

Marriage will still be around in a few years. No need to rush it, the only person it seems to be hurting are they people who can't wait.

Why Can't You Wait?!

When I was 16 years-old I was dating someone I THOUGHT, "You know maybe I will marry him," but boy was I wrong and I sure am glad I didn't make any rash decisions. People change you know. I am nothing like I was in high school and I'm proud of that: my taste in music, guys, art, and food has all changed since I was 16 and I couldn't be happier. But just like me, EVERYONE changes after high school or even after a few months of dating.

Getting married to your high school sweetheart at 27 is way different than marrying your sweetheart of the month at 21. I'm so serious when I say, "I know people whose goal in life was to get married." And guess what? She's married to someone who was desperate for marriage and all of their friends are EXACTLY the same.

Maybe it's just me who'd like to spend a good three years dating and two years being engaged. JUST BECAUSE PEOPLE CHANGE A LOT OVER TIME.

Be Independent

Most people who get married young or constantly have to have someone there for them are just dependent people. They like it when others tell them how to feel, what they love when to go somewhere, and they would do anything to please their friends or significant other.

Every week these people have new boyfriends and it's the "love of their life" or "soulmate" and I'm getting tired of it. Why is it that these people can't just be alone for awhile? Seriously, one minute they're just dating and then their buying puppies together and bashing other people calling them, "jealous" and "victims." When in reality you, girl, the one who now shares a puppy with your long time (3 months) boyfriend, the love of your life, is now officall stuck. :)

If you're young, married, and happy please continue your life and relationships the way you are been but if you're still that girl who needs to get married to feel her life is complete... then this one's for you.

Just know that you don't need a relationship to make you happy, you don't need a puppy to confirm your love, and you don't need a ring on your finger to feel secure. Only you can do all of those things yourself, and if someone is determining your love or commitment based on those things, it's time to get out.

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