Video Game Soundtrack Selections: Start Your Day Off Right!
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Video Game Soundtrack Selections: Start Your Day Off Right!

An assortment of driving, eye-opening tunes for everyone's daily needs.

Video Game Soundtrack Selections: Start Your Day Off Right!
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Morning slumbers in full effect?

Setting of the mood not quite ripe?

The day has just begun and we all have our own way of preparing for our upcoming day. Coffee in the morning, a hot shower with a quick beer, maybe even that self-mirror stare.

However there is a universal language that we can all celebrate and be inspired by!

Music encases many different genres for everyone’s individual tastes. The soundtracks made for video games can be just that! All moods have been taken into consideration for the song that will start your day off in the most you-way possible! Our team of Psyducks have put hard work into this collection and we have the utmost faith in them!

POKEMON GYM LEADER THEME: aka The Coffee Substitute

(My 3 Ratattas and lone Pidgey will surely triumph!)

Speaking of Pokemon, although there were only four songs composed for battles in the original "Red" and "Blue" titles, "Battle (vs gym leader)" remains a favorite that encompasses the action while playing. Instead of that morning coffee, picture hundreds of notes in a chromatic run blasting out in a matter of 2.3 seconds creating a dissonance that is not only quite noticeable but driving with energy.

With the sound textures being limited due to technology back in 1996, the barrage of melodic runs energizes this piece to strive anyone’s inner champion. This piece is short and sweet so the 10 hour looped version is HIGHLY recommended.

Live and Learn: The Car Crasher

Written by songwriter and longtime Sega composer Jun Senoue, the song was recorded under the band name Crush 40. "Live and Learn" is the main theme to Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. This recording is the full band version however the actual game intro is a short clip with different mixing elements such as sampled drums which can be heard here. The main thing going for this song is guitar and lots of it!

Due to the obvious pop structure of this song (Verse, Chorus, Verse, etc.) this is the perfect smash hit for your car stereo. Nothing screams "It's only Tuesday and I want to love my job" more than the perfect head-banging tune to fuel your drive.

Hazardous Environments: If this doesn't wake you up what will?

First appearing in Half Life 2, "Hazardous Environments" has become the staple intro song for the founding company, Valve. Opening with a guitar( or bass?) tuned low with heavy processing, the track proceeds to build in layers and volume,adding drum elements with heavy filter sweeps phasing the sound quality creating an interesting dissonance

Alarm clock am I right?!

This song is a clear alarm clock set and forget choice. The striking notes are sudden and loud. It has it's own mysterious ways and power in raising motionless victims.

Chances are you've awoken like Jon Snow with no chance of staying in bed. As the drums build throughout the track the night sweats should disperse thus ensuring a fully aware and cautious mind.

Uncharted Worlds: Ease of Mind

Perhaps an endless night's sleep of perpetual thoughts has left your mind in disarray. In these cases, music that is more soothing, catering to the background is your fancy. The entire Mass Effect franchise holds soundtracks that blend electronic and orchestral pieces together. However "Uncharted Worlds" is the flagship piece of music played when your playable character ventures to distant planets.

Even with the multitude of layered sounds and changing time signatures, the piece never branches from the main theme. This creates a very peaceful listening experience. An excellent choice for those with the need to drift those impeading thoughts far away and deep into an empty space

Power: Hip Hop's Delight

Lastly, say what you will about Kanye but something about roaming the streets of Stillwater, Michigan wouldn't be the same without a little "Power." Although the song wasn't exclusively written for Saints Row: The Third let's face it, anyone could introduce a little hip hop to their prominent day. Most composed music for video games strives on the looping aspect. Instead of a soundtrack with hundred of song selections, songs are crafted with the intention of looping at a certain familiar point which allows for one song to constantly play throughout the entirety of a level with no end in sight.

The beauty of this track is the backbeat in including drums, chords, backing vocals all repeat constantly. The best video game tracks hold the idea of either the perfect stand out songs which you notice instantly or a passive tune that blends in perfectly with the environment to encapsulate you. Whether you be a Kanye fan or a video game fan, this track will complete anyone's daily playlist.

From aggressive rock to soothing pulses there can be only so many gifs to kindle this fading flame of a topic. Each persons unique tastes and need will determine their choice in this wonderful universal language we all enjoy. Hoping to have provided you with some new and familiar pieces that just might kickstart your day to success.

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