10 Things Victoria Pedretti Can Learn From Beck As The Female Lead In Season 2 Of 'You'
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10 Things Victoria Pedretti Can Learn From Beck As The Female Lead In Season 2 Of 'You'

Learn from Beck's mistakes, Love.

10 Things Victoria Pedretti Can Learn From Beck As The Female Lead In Season 2 Of 'You'

The Netflix Original series "You" poses many questionable stances on how far someone goes for who they "love."

For those who are mega fans of the show know that Beck was the worst victim — and person imo — ever. No spoilers here, but when I saw that "You" was casting for season two's love interest and obsession for Joe, I literally had to make a rule book for his next victim.

New season, new setting, new obsession. Joe's new love interest Love Quinn, who lives in LA and is surprisingly not as materialistic as a certain someone *cough cough Guinevere Beck*. Apparently, she's down to earth, a super nice girl, and hopefully not as gullible as Joe's former love interests.

Here are 10 things Love Quinn needs to do differently than our beloved (lol jk) Beck.

Stay away from bookstores

Love, you gotta stay clear of any or all bookstores. I don't care if you need a new recipe book or something, don't trust them. Buy all of your stuff online, tbh. It's probably the best way to go.

Try not to cheat?

Just try? We know from Beck that being faithful was, uh, a chore for her, but maybe be a good woman and remain loyal? Especially if you're sucked into Joe's clutches already, you might wanna stay on his good side until you figure out he's a sociopathic stalker.

Also: Don't sleep with your therapist. That's a definite no no.

Look at your surroundings

I will give Beck this: NY is a crowded area, so looking around constantly would be a pain in the ass. HOWEVER: learn from her mistakes, and check around you to see any creepy guys in stupid disguises are lurking around you.

Here's a little tip: if you see the same guy wearing a hat and a jacket with its collars up to his face, then you may have successfully saved yourself from a stalker...and potential murder.

Ask more questions about Joe

You're bound to go on some cute, quaint dates with Mr. Creepy, so ask more about his life. Beck was a materialistic narcissist that literally only cared about herself. However, Love, you seem alright, so do the research yourself. If and when you realize stuff isn't adding up: leave him and never look back!

If y'all break up, stay broken up

This should go without saying, but this is a must with Joe. You don't know inside his mind (yet? maybe?), so this is a big one. If he or you break it off run for the hills! He is definitely not an ex to run back to...trust me.

Don't let him hangout with your friends

Girl, he's gonna get close with your friends in order to learn everything about you and it'll be easier for him to stalk you. He'll also kill them if he gets too jealous of them and territorial of you. Just saying.

Introduce him to your mom

Beck did have an excuse, as her mom wasn't in the picture. However, moms always know best! If you have a mom, INTRODUCE HIM TO HER. She'll sniff his sketchy ass out in a heartbeat — remember: mother always knows whats best.

Invest in curtains

Shut your blinds before you change your clothes...or before you have sex. That's just smart thinking, tbh.

Turn location services off on phone

He will literally stalk you on and off the phone, but maybe just hide your phone around him in general. If this isn't a sign to dump him anyways, I don't really know what is.


You seem like a nice girl, please just run and never hear of Joe Goldberg again.

Regardless if you use these, we know season two is gonna be epic.

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