8 Dumb Things We All Do On Vacation
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8 Dumb Things We All Do On Vacation

Why is everything so expensive?

8 Dumb Things We All Do On Vacation
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As the summer is approaching, many of us are lucky enough to go on vacation. While on vacation, we sometimes make mistakes that are a little deadly. Try not to do any of these 8 dumb things on vacation!

1. Wear ponchos on water rides.

On a nice hot day, you want to cool off on a water ride. What blows my mind is when I see people go on log rides, or any ride that get you wet, and they are wearing ponchos. Ponchos are meant for when it rains, not to protect you on a water ride. Do you want to get wet or not?

2. Forget to apply sunscreen and deodorant.

Sunscreen and deodorant are summer essentials, they should always be kept in the bag you bring with you on vacation. Sometimes you want to tan but remember to constantly apply sunscreen do you do not get a sunburn. Do not expect to walk around a theme park and not to get a sunburn if you did not re-apply sunscreen. Also, because it is hot outside please do not forget to apply deodorant. You will feel a lot better if you are cooled down by water and have a fresh coat of deodorant on. No one wants to be around someone who smells.

3. Go "out" to eat on vacation but eat food that you can make yourself.

Do not go out to a fancy restaurant and order chicken nuggets. Try to order something that is special to that restaurant. You are on vacation so make the most of it. Sometimes restaurants do not serve what you are used to so have an open mind. If you were going to only order chicken nuggets, you should have went to a Wendy's rather than get dressed up to eat at a restaurant.

4. Forget to drink enough water.

Remember that your body needs water to function. The summer heats up so you do not want to worry about possibly passing out. Please always keep a water bottle on you and drink that before trying that sugar-filled drink.

5. Post EVERYTHING you do on vacation on your social media.

As much as we love to put everything on social media, put the phone down on vacation. I am not saying that you should never be on your phone but your main focus is to have fun on vacation. Enjoy the presence of your friends and or family, not how many likes your picture got or how many people viewed your story. The only acceptable time to share something on social media non-stop should be a concert because some people can't afford to actually go but since you can, share the experience.

6. Forget important articles of clothing.

Make a check list before you leave because you do not want to pay an arm and a leg for a basic shirt or swimsuit. Vacation clothes are expensive so do not waste your money because you forgot to pack the essentials!

7. Forget to check the weather before leaving your room.

The absolute worst thing that you can do is try to plan a trip to the waterpark and not look at the weather first. Do not plan to go to the waterpark without checking the weather first.

8. Buy first, check the price after.

You do not need to buy every family member, friend, co-worker, and or boss something from when you went on vacation. You do not want to come back to reality broke.

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