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    Writing has always been a natural ability for me. Not because I am a super genius, but because it has always been easier for me to express how I view the world and myself through pen and paper. I feel that writing is powerful and transcendent. I can write something that may convey something very deep and personal to me yet share it online and someone in Nepal may feel the exact same way. Likewise, I have always found myself captivated when hearing the words others use to discuss their world.

    I also feel writing is a form of resistance and activism. It is one of our most profound tools of defense and it has pushed so many movements forward. Once again, writing can be spread globally and with this digital age it has the power to truly touch lives. There are so many social justice issues I am passionate about and one way I feel I can be of service is to write about these issues so more people are aware of what’s going on.

    Lastly, I am the child of immigrants. I mention this to say, to my parents English is not home. This language has been used to hurt them and hurt many. However, English is one of my homes. It is how I was educated and how I learned. I owe it to my parents- given all they’ve suffered and endured- to empower myself through this language and empower others so language and lack of "literacy" can no longer be used to divide us. I have the privilege of knowing how to express myself in English as well as Soninke. I will use my parents struggle as a foundation for what I will do.

    The Odyssey will give me the platform to work with a wide group of individuals to educate and empower. I will be able to work in one of the nation’s oldest industries to explore our current world and the struggles we face. I will be able to learn from others and grow as a writer in a positive environment.

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