5 Unusual Summer Activites That You'll Remember
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5 Unusual Summer Activites That You'll Remember

They may not come to mind first, but you'll remember them forever.


1) Finding A Lesser-Known Beach or Lake


Sure, you could go where everyone else is going. But here's something adventurous about grabbing a map and doing a little bit of searching for your own little piece of paradise. They are all over Upstate NY!

2) Building (With Your Own Two Hands)


Take a trip to your local hardware store and get crackin'! It can be large, small, or anything you want it to be. Maybe a new picnic table, or a bench for the porch! You can do a little bit each day in the nice weather, and in the end, you'll have something to admire and remember as it lasts through each season.

3) Splurging On Something With Friends


It can be an item you can all use, a day trip together, or even seats at a nice restaurant. Find something that typically isn't in your budget and everyone can save some money towards it. One of my favorite summer splurges is a nice clubhouse at the Saratoga Race Track. Plus, if you start now, you'll have a good chunk of change by June!

4) Host A (Classy) Party


We're not talking about day-drinking and Domino's, here (no disrespect to either, though.) This summer, send out invitations, formulate a dress code, and put on an evening that everyone will remember for years to come. It doesn't have to be any other occasion besides spending special time with friends. Plus, you'll feel fancy all the while, which everyone can appreciate.

Pitch A Tent (In Your Backyard)


You read that correctly. Embrace the weirdness and home-away-from-home feeling with a tent right behind your house. You can bring friends, your dog, or just go solo with a book and lantern. You may even find some unexpected tranquility, and it sure as hell won't be everybody else's go-to summer plan.

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