10 Things Anyone Undecided On Their College Major Can Relate To

10 Things Anyone Undecided On Their College Major Can Relate To

So you don't have a major?


Going to college as an undecided major is pretty common. It's difficult to know what you want to do. Every college student who has been undecided or is currently undecided can relate to these 10 things.

1. You dread the "what are you majoring in" question.


Every conversation regarding college starts with the question of what your major is. When you tell people you don't know, they look at you with terror in their eyes. They then shift to concern and want to know what you are leaning towards, and they ask you what you will declare even though you just said you don't know.

2. There is a random class you took because you thought about majoring in it.


Your advisor is always trying to help you find new areas of interest, and typically always convinces you to take at least one class out of your comfort zone because "you never know what you will love". Typically, you end up hating the course and being annoyed with your advisor all semester for convincing you to take it. For me, it was Anthropology. The only thing I knew about Anthropology was the store, "Anthropologie", so that went well.

3. You have a love/hate relationship with advising appointments.


You love your advisor, but knowing you have to meet with them means acknowledging the fact that you still don't have a major. You are alway being forced to talk about it.

4. Your friends who have known their career since they were three don’t get it.


We all have those friends who have known what they wanted to do since they were kids, and do not understand how you could not know. They don't mean to be obnoxious by constantly asking why you haven't decided, but they genuinely do not understand how you don't know.

5. That small feeling of joy when that same friend changes their major.


Ha! Now they know what it feels like to not know. See, it's not that easy to have your entire life planned out.

6.The feeling of betrayal when your undecided friends at school declare their major.


Even though you are happy for them you can't help but be sad that you no longer have the same major even if it was undecided.

7. You are always being asked if you think you are wasting money.


Yes, I am paying college tuition, because I love spending unnecessary money. Obviously, I am not just going to college for fun, so I don't think I am wasting money.

8. You can see yourself doing every job.


A teacher? A journalist? A nurse? A vet? You can literally picture yourself doing all these jobs, but none of them fully seem good enough.

9. You feel pressure to declare your major.


Going to college undecided doesn't seem like a big deal, but as the school year progresses there is an increasing level of pressure to make a choice. Family members begin to constantly ask if you've declared because now "you've had some time to figure it out".

10. You become so comfortable not knowing that declaring doesn’t seem necessary.


Once you've accepted the fact that you don't know what you want to do, declaring doesn't seem very necessary. You begin to wonder if you could graduate undecided.

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