The Ultimate Christmas Break To-Do List
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The Ultimate Christmas Break To-Do List

There's no time to waste!

The Ultimate Christmas Break To-Do List
Kennedy Ruley

With only finals week standing between students and a straight month of freedom, the anxiousness awaits to finally be free. Free of ties to homework, class schedules, meetings, etc. An entire month of relaxation and maybe a little work mixed in. No worrying about studying for exams, deadlines, rude professors. However, if you’re anything like me, I still need some structure with all this free time I’m about to have. If I don’t spend it wisely, I’ll find myself regretting all those long hours of binge watching come the beginning of January.

Don’t get me wrong, I am going to enjoy the first few days off like crazy. Relaxing and detoxing from yet another stressful semester. Some definite Netflix and me-time. But, at the same time, I need some productivity as well. Because if there’s one thing I’ll miss most about college, is an entire month between semesters to enjoy Christmas time with friends and family and to also basically get my life back in order. In an effort to make the most of this free time, here’s an ultimate do-to list for college students on Christmas break.

1. Schedule out a day full of everything you’ve been wanting to do.

My sister and I call it our “treat-yo-self” day. It is basically a day where we eat whatever we want and splurge a little on the shopping.

2. Make time for a day of cleaning.

After a long semester studying and being in class, that room of yours will definitely need some fixing. Although it's such a mundane task, you'll feel better in the end.

3. Definitely have some “me-time”.

If there’s one personal thing college has taught me, it is to take care of myself more often. Sound somewhat selfish at first thought, but it truly pays off in the long-run.

4. Use that Netflix subscription you’re always paying for, but never using enough.

I used to feel guilty that I would spend more than an hour watching TV and not doing anything productive. But, like they say, college changes you.

5. Don’t forget to give.

Christmas is great for spending time with loved ones and enjoying such a cheerful time of year. Along with this, make time for giving too. Whether its volunteering in your community or just giving a few extra dollars to the Salvation Army bell-ringers. It all is appreciated, and in my opinion, necessary.

6. Soak in the season and don’t be afraid to be young again.

Each year, it seems as if the Christmas season goes by quicker and quicker. I blink my eyes on December 1st and its January 10th before I know it. Everyone says it’s an age thing. On this break, don’t be hesitant to be young again. Enjoy the season to the fullest.

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