Your Unofficially Official Guide To Sorority Recruitment

Your Unofficially Official Guide To Sorority Recruitment

Everything and then some about how to make rush week as smooth as can be!


At the end of the week, you'll be where you belong. Your home for four years. the ladies that surround you are strangers now, but very soon they'll become your closest confidants that know everything about you and more. They'll be the girls you go to when you want to celebrate an A with, the girls y

Be yourself!


Super cliché, BUT you don't want to portray yourself as someone else and then end up in a house that's not for you!

Be yourself, but your BEST self


Same thing applies! Portray yourself in the best way possible in a way that's still genuine.

Don't stress


Everything will work itself out in the end.

Prepare outfits, hair, and makeup ahead of time


You don't wanna be up at 4am digging through your closet because the outfit your put together in your head looks not that great in real life.

Don't be afraid to ask the girl rushing you questions


Questions about her sorority, why she rushed that house, what stood out to her, how she knew that her house was HER house, etc!

Don't be nervous!!


Chances are, the girl rushing you is exponentially more nervous than you are.



Bring a little purse and put a small water bottle in it and take the drinks the girls give you at the house!!!! IT'S AUGUST!!!!!! IT'S HOT!!!!!

Keep some ~extras~ in your purse


Extras: oil blotting sheets, concealer, mints/gum, chapstick, setting spray, bobby pins, dress tape, Advil, lotion, deodorant, tampons, and whatever else you think may need.

Keep the shoes comfortable, ladies


Long days + uncomfortable shoes = a cranky PNM

Talk to your Gamma Chi


At UGA, they're called Gamma Chis, but different schools call them different things like Rho Chi and Gamma Rho. Either way, these ladies have disaffiliated from their sorority so that they can help you and give you unbiased advice. They want you to have the best rush experience possible so use this amazing resource!!



TRUST THE PROCESS! Go with your gut, not with what other people tell you.

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The 10 Stages Of A 2:30 P.M. Kickoff, As Told By Alabama Students

But we still say Roll MF Tide!


We all have a love-hate relationship with a 2:30 p.m. kickoff at Bryant Denny Stadium, especially when it's 94 degrees.

1. Immediate sadness

What do you mean I have to wake up at 9 a.m. to get ready?

2. Bracing yourself for the worst

It's a marathon not a sprint ladies and gentleman.

3. Accepting the game is going to happen

Rain or shine we are all in that student section screaming our heads off.

4. Trying to wear the least amount clothes possible without being naked on the Quad

Is it me or does it get 10 times more hot the minute you walk on to the quad?

5. Shedding a tear when you walk out your front door once you feel the heat and humidity on your skin

Is it fall yet?

6. Drowning your sorrows inside a Red Solo cup at 11:30 a.m. at a fraternity tailgate

Maybe I'll forget about the humidity if I start frat hopping now.

7. Getting in line to go through security realizing it'll take an hour to actually get inside Bryant Denny

More security is great and all but remember the heat index in Alabama? Yeah, it's not easy being smushed like sardines before even getting into Bryant Denny.

8. Feeling the sweat roll down every part of your body

Oh yeah I am working on my tan and all but what is the point of showering before kick off?

9. Attempting to cheer on the Tide, but being whacked in the head with a shaker by the girl behind you.

Shakers are tradition, but do we have to spin it around in a full 360 every two seconds? I have a migraine from just thinking about it.

10. Leaving a quarter into the game because Alabama is kicking ass and you're about to have a heat stroke.

I'll watch the rest in air conditioning thank you very much!

We may not love the 2:30 kickoffs but Roll Tide!

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10 Tweets About La Croix That Will Make You Snort Seltzer Right Out Of Your Nose

Who knew carbonated water could be so funny?


Who knew carbonated water could be so funny?

1. Using La Croix for something other than a drink.

2. It keeping you sane at the workplace.

3. La Croix as white people's drink of choice

4. Just feeling it


6. Not buying into the hype

7. Another hater

8. OK, this is just good content

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