The 7 Student Types You'll Encounter in College!
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7 Types Of Students You Will Meet In College

You wish you could be #5, but you know you're probably a #6.

cool group of lazy college students in class

There are thousands of universities around the world, and each school boasts its own traditions and slogans. Some schools pride themselves on sports, while others emphasize their research facilities. While there is a myriad of differences among each and every school, there will always these seven types of students in class.

1. The one who sits in the front row

studious alien wearing glasses sitting in front row of college class raising one handStableDiffusion
There's at least one of these people in every single class, whether it's a required General Education class or an upper division major course. These students always sit in the front row and ask at least five questions every lecture. They attend all the discussions and office hours, and try to turn in homework at least a week in advance. These are also the people who remind professors about assigned homework and upcoming exams. Nothing bad about being studious, but are they even human?

2. The one who is always online shopping

Jenna Boyd ShoppingGiphy
It doesn't matter whether it's fall, winter, spring or summer - these people are online shopping every single lecture. They usually sit a row or few in front of you, and while the professor is lecturing, instead of taking notes or even trying to act like they're listening, they just aimlessly scroll through Aritzia, Forever 21 and Zara. The only time their eyes ever leave their computer screen is when class ends, so they're basically just there for giggles.

3. The one who always falls asleep

Falling asleep in classGiphy
This person comes to class every day, but somehow never stays awake for more than 20 minutes. You can sometimes hear the occasional snore from a corner of a large lecture hall, or catch their heads nodding like a pendulum near the front of the class if they're the studious type. But let's be real here: we've all been one of those students at some point.

4. The one who never pays attention

my mind has been elsewhere meme from schitt's creekGiphy
This category of students is probably the most common. Sure, they'll go to class, but all they do is surf through memes on Facebook or watch others play Fortnite. These people are in class for the attendance grade, not to learn. On occasion, they may raise their hand in class to ask a generic, vague question that has already been covered but hey, gotta get that participation grade. They're just doing everything they can to survive college, and honestly, it's a mood.

5. The one who never studies (but still aces the class)

smart student GIF from nbc showGiphy
Standing as probably the most frustrating category of people in this list, these students won't know about a midterm until two days before. The day before the exam, they'll be chilling in Malibu and partying at night. They go to class every once in a while when the class time doesn't clash with one of their many elaborate social plans, but never pay attention. Somehow, they still ace all their exams and end up with the top grade in the class.

6. The one who is always stressed

Stressed studentGiphy
These people will start studying for a midterm at least two weeks before hand, and will be so stressed about homework and classes that they spend more time worrying about the workload than actually doing the work itself. They're in desperate need of a relaxing vacation that they're too stressed to plan, and they disappear from the outside world for weeks at a time. You can usually find them in a study room in a library, where they probably have been in for the past week.

7. The one you've never seen before

Vacation modeGiphy
You didn't even know that they were in your class to begin with because they never show up until it's exam week. Are they too smart for the class or struggling too hard to care? The world may never know. Maybe they're just straight chilling in their apartments being lazy, but most of time, they probably didn't even put this class on their schedules. Catch them going to Disneyland on a weekday at least once a month, which is more than the frequency that they attend class.

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