The 7 Types Of Guys You Will Meet At Texas A&M
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Student Life

The 7 Types Of Guys You Will Meet At Texas A&M

Are you more into two-stepping or formals in NOLA?

The 7 Types Of Guys You Will Meet At Texas A&M

At a school of over 60,000 students, you will encounter a lot of guys in your 4 years. While they will all have their differences, they also have their similarities. The guys of Texas A&M tend to fall into the following distinct stereotypes...

1. The Agriculture Major

On campus you will meet the agriculture major in the Kleberg building. You will spot him from a distance in his Stackin’ Bills cap and cowboy boots. His big yee yee truck might have a Texas A&M rodeo team sticker on the back, but regardless, it will be parked in the Hurricane Harry’s parking lot every night of the weekend. He’s probably from a small town, and if you like to two-step, this is the guy for you.

2. The Corps Cadet

Your odds are the most high of meeting a boy in khaki if you hang out at Quadbucks. These boys are the true keepers of the spirit, which is why the success of the 5 for Yell campaign is so important to them. Your crush on a Yell Leader might spark your interest in the Corps of Cadets, but once you are a boot chaser, you are always a boot chaser. If you want a date to midnight yell and first deck seats to the Alabama game, this is the guy for you.

3. The Camp Counselor

Their domain is known better as the Christian bubble. You can maybe spot them on campus in an Eno in the Academic Plaza or walking to class in a flannel and chacos. There’s a high chance they are a Breakaway Volunteer, so look for the tag on their Northface backpack. There’s also a 100% chance that you will find them in abundance at 3 particular sororities social functions of which their girlfriend that they pursued properly is in. Sorry, not the guy for you.

4. The “Gentleman”

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, these gentlemen can be found wearing apparel with their organization's logo on it. Maybe a hat, maybe a sweater. They call themselves gentlemen because they would never consider rushing a fraternity. These boys entered the “machine” when they applied for a FLO freshman year and were met with success. From there it was straight to Lakeview for Fish Camp, and here they are now in a men’s organization. If you are looking for someone who is involved, this is the guy for you.

5. The Student-Athlete

These kings of campus sport Adidas from head to toe and walk at a glacial pace on the rare occasion that they go to class. Where they go you can also find an entourage of pretty blondes that may or may not have acquired the nickname cleat chaser. Your odds are higher of spotting this entourage at Chimy’s rather than campus. If you like competing for attention and the idea of being a trophy wife, this is the guy for you.

6. The G.D.I.

These boys refer to themselves as GDI’s when asked what their affiliation is. He is a God Damn Independent and proud to be so. He may have rushed and decided not to pledge, or maybe decided not to rush at all. He has friends from various social circles and likes it better this way. Involved boys might use this term in a derogatory way, but the GDI could not care less. If you are into an independent guy that knows everybody, this might be the guy for you.

7. The Frat Boy

Since senior year at his private school in the big city, he has known he was going to be in Alpha Beta Delta. He even signed at the Callaway House before receiving his acceptance letter. You can spot him on campus in a red tie on Mondays for the duration of his pledgeship. The biggest gathering of all things frat is the day that ranks as high as Christmas in their eyes: Bid Day. You can find every boy from every fraternity on the lawn of the administration building. If you are into formals in NOLA and pledge rides home from Northgate, this is the guy for you.

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