Everyone has a specific drunk they get when they drink a little excessively. Whether it be dancing all night or crying all night there is always a particular drunk that anyone exhibits at the end of the night.

1. The ones that cry all night

Somehow these individuals will start crying about anything that comes to their mind and will continue to cry all throughout the night about even the slightest thing. It is not uncommon that these people will rant to you while tearing up.

2. The ones that never want to leave the party

These people will never want to stop dancing all throughout the night and will beg you to stay even longer even if your hungry, tired, or even close to dying they will want to stay until the very end of the party.

3. The ones that never even make it to the party

These people go HARD at the pregame and somehow just pass out before they even make it to the party. They might throw up everywhere way before

4. The ones that somehow just disappear

These individuals drink way too much then somehow disappear for the rest of the night. You will spend the whole party wondering where they are and searching for them to make sure they are OK or not.

5. The ones that make the party 100x more fun

These people just make going out so much more fun than usual and make sure you have as much fun as they do. They probably would want to leave when you do, eat when you do, and probably have the same dance moves as you.

Whether you are a drunk crier or a go hard or go home kind of person, drinking responsibly is the only way to actually enjoy any party, so drink safely and have fun!