I Played Two Truths And A Lie With My Boyfriend To See How Well He's Been Paying Attention
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I Played Two Truths And A Lie With My Boyfriend To See How Well He's Been Paying Attention

So, has he?

I Played Two Truths And A Lie With My Boyfriend To See How Well He's Been Paying Attention
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When you've been dating someone as long as I have, almost four years, it becomes difficult to remember things you have or haven't told your partner. That's why this weekend I decided it would be fun to sit down with my boyfriend to see not only if he could remember things I know I have definitely told him, but also so that I can share new stories about my life with him if he somehow doesn't already know them all.

Here are the 10 categories of questions I ask him and how he did!

Topic 1: Sports

1: I cheered all but one year throughout grade school

2: I preferred competition cheer over football cheer

3: Cheerleading was the only sport I ever played/did (lie)

His answer: "Number 3 is a lie — you played softball"


Topic 2: Favorites

1: My favorite movie series is "Scream"

2: My favorite book is "Twilight" (lie)

3: My favorite TV show is "New Girl"

His answer: After contemplating for several minutes, "I would say "New Girl" isn't your favorite TV show, I think it's "Jane the Virgin'".

Incorrect although "Jane the Virgin" is a close second!

Topic 3: Pets

1: I had two hamsters growing up

2: I didn't have a dog until I moved into my last house (lie)

3: My first pet was a fish

His answer: "The dog one is a lie. You had cricket before your last house"


Topic 4: Injuries

1: I once was attacked by a nest of hornets

2: I fell off my top bunk onto my head when I was six

3: I got a Barbie shoe stuck in my nose as a kid (lie)

His answer: In a concerned voice, "how are you so good at lying? That's my question to you?" Thinks for a very long time and tells me all of the options are things that would probably happen to me. "I'll just go with the Barbie thing even though I think it's wrong."


Topic 5: Food

1: I hate salad dressing (lie)

2: Blueberries are my least favorite berry

3: I have never tried coleslaw

His answer: He took very long to answer this one because he kept getting confused about how the game works. After re-telling the prompts at least five times, "blueberries, definitely the blueberries"

Incorrect! I just don't put salad dressing on things because I don't think it adds much.

Topic 6: Body changes I've made

1: I've never dyed my hair any solids color except blonde (lie)

2: I've had my ears pierced twice

3: My hair has been dyed pink, purple, & red

His answer: After telling me he doesn't like my choice of words because I could put purple but mean burgundy or something else (he's colorblind btw), "the last one. you've never dyed it red"

Incorrect! I dyed my hair red when I was younger.

Topic 7: Dreams

1: Before high school, I wanted to go to college at Notre Dame

2: If I could live anywhere it would be Finland (lie)

3: My dream job has always been to be a veterinarian

His answer: "I'm going to say Notre Dame"

Incorrect! I would much rather live in Iceland, although Finland is cool too.

Topic 8: Family

4: The cousin I'm closest to is Avery

2: I am the youngest granddaughter on both sides of my family

3: I watched my niece Katherine be born (lie)

His answer: "The middle one"

Incorrect. I watched my nephew be born but I was sick when my niece was born.

Topic 9: Medical history

1: I don't have tonsils or adenoids

2: I have never ridden in an ambulance (lie)

3: I have never sprained anything

His answer: "I'm going to say you've never ridden in an ambulance"

Correct! I have ridden in one a few times.

Topic 10: Childhood

1: My first word was mommy (lie)

2: I slept in bed with my parents until I was 7

3: My nanu gave me my blankey

His answer: Very confidently, "the first one"

Correct! My first word was duck.

5/10 correct.

So, he definitely didn't do as good of a job as I thought he would, which he attributes to my "trick questions" (there really weren't any), but I contribute it to him playing guitar while I was reading the prompts. I think he would have done far better if he had given me his full attention, but it's OK because, in reality, it was just a fun little game.

Couples, take an hour or two out of your day someday soon to play this game together. It was great hearing the stories he did remember and it was nice being able to tell him things he didn't remember or I had never told him. We had a lot of fun and I think you will too!

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