Twenty Ways You Know You're A Winchester
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Twenty Ways You Know You're A Winchester

Who wouldn't want to sport the glorious "Winchester" name?

Twenty Ways You Know You're A Winchester
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Towards the end of this school year, I embarked on the endeavor of watching the TV series Supernatural. Now, this didn't seem too big a feat to me, as I was able to watch all of Dexter in the first month of college. Oh boy, I was wrong. This was a whole new monster (pun not intended).

The series follows a pair of brothers that hunt down all the things that go bump in the night. And once you've gotten into the series it stops being a show and becomes almost a way of life. Here are 20 ways you know you're an honorary Winchester.

1. Ghosts.

In the show, the only way to dispel spirits is to salt and burn the object they are attached to, most often the bones of the deceased. You will find yourself piping in to "salt and burn" the bones of ghosts when scary stories are told. Granted, it's messy business, but Winchesters don't balk at the chances.

2. References.

You make a relation to the show about nearly everything. Hair flips? Jared (or Sam in show) is the reigning king of them. Unfortunately not many people outside the fandom understand these references, so they're left sad like Cas.

3. Idjits.

You notice yourself insulting people who are being dumb with the token, "Idjits" that we were left with by our beloved God Father, Bobby Singer.

4. Swearing.

Curse words totally transform. You no longer say the F word as much instead you find yourself saying:

And instead of calling someone an asshole, you opt for the more comical:

Which stands to be one of the most comical moments in the entire show, in my opinion.

5. Tuesdays.

They seem to just repeat over and over again...

However, Monday's will still always suck.

6. Facial Expressions.

You find yourself mirroring the boy's facial expressions without even meaning to. It's like picking up a best friend's habit or saying because you spend so much time with them. I think 11 seasons is long enough for that.

7. Dying.

At the end of each season you find yourself cringing, and when friends who don't watch make jokes about the boys dying you kind of go:

8. Death.

You start finding this foreboding entity a sense of comedy. Don't keep Death from his greasy food, right?

9. Carry On Wayward Son.

It's no longer a song. The melodic tunes of this rock classic by Kansas becomes a way of life. It also makes your heart hurt.

10. Impala.

You see them and drool. But only the ones that look like Baby.

11. Bacon Cheese Burgers.

Sometimes, after watching an episode, you just need to go chow down on a good burger. Dean and Cas have after all taught us they are essentially happiness (and cardiac arrest) on a bun.

12. Cake. Pie.

Cake, while delicious and always great, has been completely replaced by none other than:

13. Lucifer.

While the Devil is always a scary person, you start to not hate him as much. Especially when he's being sarcastic or sassy.

14. Moose and Squirrel.

The tee's in Hot Topic with the boys dressed as animals finally make sense. All thanks to one British bloke that loved to wear Hell's crown.

15. Paranoia.

You find yourself chuckling at the fact the boys can take down nearly anything. Werewolves. Wendigos. Shifters. Jin. Vampires. Demons. Angels. And yet Dean gets scared of a kitty after touching a cursed object.

16. Writing.

You have found yourself staring at a computer screen trying to write a paper for classes and you finally understand why Chuck said writing was hard. Papers, essays, articles, and stories will never be the same again.

17. Leather, Plaid, or Trench Coats.

You find yourself wearing more of these types or clothing or more attracted to people in these types of clothing. Why? Because our favorite three guys have these fashion staples as their everyday outfits.

18. Words and Phrases.

Awesome. Nope. Son of a bitch. Dude. Have these words and phrases been popping up more and more in your vocabulary? It's because of our boys. It's the same concept as the facial expressions.

19. GIFs.

Can you pull a Supernatural GIF out for nearly anything? Well, you should be able to. We're the fandom with one for everything. See my entire article, or reference Tumblr.

20. Love.

At the end of the day, we know that it's a TV show. But it's something we're more than happy to be fans of. The characters are so lovable and the actors are amazing human beings. After all, family is all we have, and this is the family business.

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