Trying to Get over a boy - SOS

Trying to Get over a boy - SOS

Here are the 5 steps that I'm trying to take to get over a boy, I still haven't successfully done so… so maybe I can relate to you more if you're reading this

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If you don't have the willpower to delete him off of everything (like me), just try your absolute hardest to not constantly be stalking to see if he posted a snap/insta story, or monitor his likes on twitter. If you do this you are SEARCHING to be hurt. If you see his stuff in passing, cool. But don't go out of your way to make yourself upset.

2. Actually try to talk to other boys.

This might sound ~bad~ but something that I have been trying is to just talk to other boys to keep my mind off of things. Sure some could view this as problematic to be entertaining other boys, but my excuse is that if they know that it's not that deep then there's no harm done

3. Other guys aren't him sis, stop looking for silly flaws.

Something that I also find myself doing is when I do find a new guy that I think I may start to like. I look for so many flaws within his personality. But in reality I am being totally unfair because I am just saying that they are flaws because they are not acting the same as my ex. If you are doing this it's not good!! It's not fair to you and your new interest.

4. If it is meant to be it will!!

I know so so cliche. But it's so true maybe the reason you are so upset about this break up and can't get over it is because you guys are meant to meet up again but just at a later date, or maybe your not at all. But just know that everything happens for a reason and if things are meant to happen they will, we can't control everything in this life.

5. Time heals :)

This is the most painful solution but sometimes the only thing that works. For some breakups you just have to wait everything out and hope for the best. This will absolutely suck and I know that, but as time goes by and life moves on it's gonna begin to get a little bit easier to live a life without that one person.

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