As you walk through the second floor of Talley, you'll see a banner hanging off of the railing that says something about Charlie Kirk and Lara Trump coming to campus. You might not recognize Charlie Kirk but the name Trump will ring quite a few bells. How could a college that evidently promotes a culture of togetherness and equity give such a big platform to people who promote divisiveness?

The event takes place on November 13 where there will be a Turning Point USA event featuring Charlie Kirk and Lara Trump. Turning Point USA is an American conservative nonprofit organization. The company tries to get many young people interested in the conservative view of politics through its savvy marketing strategies such as memes, posters, and slogans such as "Socialism Sucks."

However, both Turning Point and it's spokesmen Charlie Kirk have had a racist history.

The former TPUSA National Field Director Crystal Clanton sent text messages to another TPUSA employee that said "I HATE BLACK PEOPLE. LIke F***them all… I hate blacks. End of Story." Charlie Kirk has previously said about Clanton that "Turning Point needed more Crystals; so does America."

After Clanton was fired for her racist text messages, Kirk hired Shialee Grooman and Troy Meeker. The HuffPost reported that Grooman had written several anti-gay and racist tweets that included the n-word and Meeker had also tweeted an anti-black slur.

Charlie Kirk himself has tweeted several anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim tweets, and he once tweeted a very misleading statistic that minimized police brutality against black people. The tweet wrote that "Fact: A police officer is 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black male, than an unarmed black man is to be killed by a police officer."

From a party obsessed with giving the real facts, it seems like he's spreading fake news.

Lara Trump is also not an innocent bystander. As the daughter-in-law of the current president, Donald Trump, she openly endorses him and his policies. This summer, President Trump and his rally began chanting "Send her back" to Ilhan Omar. He said that she was trafficking in vicious anti-Semitic screeds and is a left-wing radical who sympathizes with Al Qaeda. After this incident, Lara Trump came onto Fox News and said that telling people who don't like America to "go back" isn't a racist thing to say.

Not liking how the current conditions in America are doesn't mean people should be told to go back to where they came from. We all came to the US to create a better America, one that is filled with unity. To make America great would be to criticize its wrongdoings and to see where we can improve upon it. Loyalty to a country just for a country's sake is just blind patriotism and dangerous. Bringing people who promote a culture of intolerance to NC State would be a big mistake. Their messages are harmful to several students who come from different backgrounds. But, I suppose that political interests are clearly being valued above students.

There is a petition made by students to stop Charlie Kirk and Lara Trump from coming to NC State. If you agree that they shouldn't perform, please sign it here.