A True Love Story

Falling in love is one of the most amazing, hardest things that has ever happened to me. However, I don't regret any of it. This is my "love story."

I was a freshman in high school and had the "I know everything!" attitude. I had so many friends at that time and I loved my school life more than anything. During my childhood I had been neglected and had a traumatizing life. I've been through and seen things that I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. My parents never married, yeah they dated other people, but never fell in love. I did not want to be like them in any way, shape, or form. I wanted to fall in love as fast as possible. I mean, who didn't want to get married at 14? Ironically the day after I got my heartbroken, I was on the bus and seen the most handsome man I have ever laid eyes on get on the bus. Yes, he was a senior with long dirty-blonde hair, and hazel eyes with the most perfect smile that you could possible imagine. I wasn't a shy girl so of coarse I got his name. After asking around, (most of my friends were upperclassman) I heard that he was a nice boy, although, he had some flaws that I disagreed with. He had a couple different addictions, and he did NOT have his priorities straight. Yes, my standards were very high. I liked this boy so much that I decided (two years later) to give him a chance.

I fell in love with this man. I even started to fall in the whole with him, and didn't care because he was finally mine. We spent every single day together. I remember before we said "I love you" because that was a big deal to me, that I would feel my voice try to push it out. I pushed it back in because I felt like it was just too soon. On a date about two weeks later, we were laughing about who knows what and he grabbed me and said the three words that I've never heard actually meaningful. Everything had stopped.

A year later, the love of my life and I both went through something that I never thought I would have to deal with. That night we realized that our lives needed to change dramatically and we needed to become more serious and start our lives together. We both got jobs, we both finished school, and now I'm in college and he's working and about to start his academic career. I still get butterflies and I cannot wait to marry this man.

How do I know that he is the right one? How do I know that I'm actually in love with him? Because when you truly do fall in love with someone, you don't have any doubts. Of coarse there will be times where you're lost, and confused, but you will always know in the back of your mind that you will marry that special person. You have no questions or doubts about it. He changed my life as I changed his. We saved each other from a world of sin.

One thing I remember is that I stopped looking. When this beautiful person came into my life, I was not looking for love. I have given up. I had no hope, nor any faith. Yes, we may be young still and we were also young then, but, even after living together for the past three years, the feelings have not faded or changed.

This is not a fairytale. This is my actual love story and I have faith that whoever is reading this receives hope and faith because love can come at any time, any age.

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